Really starting to get into dubstep

Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by Original Nuttah, Aug 18, 2009.

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    England, Gloucestershire.
    have known dubstep existed for about 2 years now but aint listened to it much. known about rusko and caspa and skream etc.. but just aint gave it alot of attention.

    well, i wanna get into it more. i take it this is the burial that does dubstep in the vid below? just reaching out into more non club ideas? well wotever is is its just amazing.

    i kno its meant to be atmospheric and all but in my opinion it would be so good if it had a drop. but keepin it deep rather than dancefloor of course.

    well wotever, im really lookin for dubstep that really has more of that feelin rather than tunes like cockney thug but dno where to look or who to look for.

    as i sed i aint listened to much dubstep, but i think my favourite track is skream - midnight request line. dno if that helps.

    appreiciate the help. :wave:
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    Mar 15, 2007
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    raglan, nz
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    Jun 15, 2007
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    loads of threads like this already man, just search through the section
  4. Original Nuttah

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    England, Gloucestershire.
    Ahhh theres a dubstep equivelent to this forum. brill. i will become a memeber on that too. i guess i will get better feedback by people over there scince they endulge themselves into that music. :wave:
  5. BDS

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    bro check a guy called spyro.

    also ruckspin

    >> a couple of my faves >>>

    surprisingly theres fuck all spyro on youtube but check out >> music makers and everybody knows....all i can think of off the top of my head.

    I dont know why anyone else couldnt have done this it took literally 2 minutes,
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    Jul 3, 2005
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    yesturday i placed up a link to 15 unreleased dubplates of dubstep that i like , all different flavours ... page link = worth the download id say .......

    look out for a dj called Dj Snipaz .. puts out some lovely upfront studio mixes of all different types ....

    heres his latest offering ......

    1) Jelly Bass & Brother Culture - No Love (Boregore ft Jazzsteppa rmx)[dub]
    2) Hellfire Machina - Violence Nah Future [dub]
    3) M.I.A - XR2 (Ashburner Remix) [dub]
    4) Beerz - Get Dewn Low [dub]
    5) Boot - Satellite [dub]
    6) Ashburner - Too Many man [dub]
    7) Ashburner - Space Skank [dub]
    8] Boot - White Phosphorus [dub]
    9) Benga - Why Is Everything Mono [free tune]
    10) Ashburner - Sketdance
    11) DZ - Coast 2 Coast [forthcoming Badman Press]
    12) Ollie & Bare Noise - Dancing In The Dark VIP [dub]
    13) Ashburner - Lurkin' [Dub]
    14) DZ & Sam XL - Cotton Candy [Dub]
    15) Markomen - Wormz [Forthcoming Prime Audio]
    16} Stenchman - Cow Story [Dub]
    17) Dayn - Pure Filth (BASSCLASH OUT NOW)
    18] FuntCase - MOD [Dub]
    19) MRK1 - Frank [Contageous]
    20) Graverobber - Alien [BASSCLASH OUT NOW]
    21) FuntCase - So Vexed (Snipaz Edition) [Dub]
    22) DJ SnipaZ - Dirty South [BASSCLASH OUT NOW]
    22) Mr Boogie - Be Careful [Forthcoming Barish]
    23) Physical - All Lies [ Forthcoming Prime Audio]
    24) Boot - Sunset On Mars [Dub]
    25) Hellfire Machina - Stick 'n' Move [Forthcoming Wayside Recs]
    26) The Streets - Blinded By The Lights [Nero Remix]
    27) The Monk - Diamond Skies [Forthcoming Playing With Fire]

    DOWNLOAD LINK (zipped & split tracks) -

    DOWNLOAD LINK (unsplit) -