Real men fish with bare hand


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there was this blog called which was about nothing special with a load of internet gangsta style, but pretty enjoyable all the same, by a bunch of white guys in canada that wrote graffitti, smoked weed, listened to wu tang and did fun stuff, focusing alot on food, and one of the sections was called "fish-talk". fish-talk was a strange series of articles written in a kind of ghostface killa kind of script completely dedicated to eating fish, and heaps and heaps of pictures of his plates of food (which form what i understand is normal, you take a picture of your lunch and put it on facebook and this is good for some reason. i do not know why this is good, it sounds fking daft) with fish left and right and mainly lobster. that guy ate so much lobster it was insane, but apparently they have restaurants for that in america, a place called "red lobster" where you can gorge yourself in lobster to your hearts desire, so he cant be the only one with this fixation. anyway despite how it sounds, it was a pretty enjoyable read. to put it this way, it was great for wasting an hour at work, that kind of enjoyable. but last time i checked the blog was cancelled and im not 100% on this but after some googling it seems they organized the "subway drinking olympics", which is exactly what it sounds like, and apparently quite a few people showed up to the event, and after a few stations it got really messy and they are probably in a whole heap of trouble with the police. i dont know if it was the or the police that took the blog down but im pretty sure its to do with that.

tldr; thats how a real man does it. why do they say you cant be attractive with big belly and beard and old, but im not queer or nothing its just he could have me.