Ready To Go - JAYEM


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Oct 1, 2006
sounds cool man!
think the beat needs sum work tho.
basslines cool but maybe needs to be switched up a bit.
overall goodwork!
keep it up!

check my new tune if ya can links in my sig.


Nov 11, 2008
cheers mate. not been at it for too long. give me a couple more years im sure i'll be able to sort everything out ;) lol

p.s checked your tunes. pretty good man. sounds like you know what your doing (y)

how long you been producing?

also the tune sounds much better when the trebles and mids are slightly to the right. any idea how to do this in fruity? i know its down to eqing but the fruity 7 eq will only allow you to go so far. is it possible to layer eq programs ?
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