Reading Pendulum


Mar 7, 2008
As a live act, I should imagine their songs come across quite well... Still find Propane Nightmares to be cheesey as fuck, but fucking hell, that crowd for Reading! They really have hit the big time. :O Still, I've heard Hold Your Colour waaaay too much over the past few years and their new stuff doesn't do anything for me, too clean sounding.

Did the Prodigy get the same kind of hate that pendulum are now getting when they hit the big time?


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Mar 27, 2008
Pendulums old stuff imo was good e.g. their bacteria remix but this just looks stupid like their recent album and the comments the Rob dude said were stupid, bet he doesnt even contact concord dawn or other people in the New Zealand/Aus scene that helped to promote them. i love goldie's pendulum bashing.

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they are targeting a different audience... how dare they lol


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Feb 29, 2008
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they are massive....

they seem to have definately broken free of the rave/club scene, i remember 3 years ago at rebirth see'ing them for the first time in a barn with 2000 people pilled up, fair shout for moving on.... but its just disgusting. and very gay, see everyone chanting fasten your seatbelts.... gay. IMO

i think i only listened to propane nightmares once didnt realise it had that vocal in it, 'ina trail of fire ill burn before you bury me....' there was an oldskool dnb tune with thawt vocal in, anyone?!?
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