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Apr 14, 2002
After moving down to Bristol for Uni recently ive been absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to going out. Im not sure yet but I think I can go to a night each day of the week even mondays and sundays!!!

Anyway it was a trip down to St Pauls this weekend after having a quite one the night before to see the monstrous line up of...
Shy Fx, Bad Company, Swift, Zinc, Krust and Nikolas Blackmarket! With the vocal talents of none other than Skibba, Det and Tali!

Upon entrance I was greeted by the sounds of Blackmarket, Police In Helicopter and all, to be fair Nicky's mixing was on point and despite the usual airing of Original Nuttah and now Ska, kept the crowd lively alongside Skibba with the set highlight of Zinc's popular "3 Tone". Next up was the man-mountain Mampi Swift, probably one of the most popular DJ's around at the moment the crowd cheered his entrance and I was stood expecting great things. Opening with one of my current fav's, Bad Company's "Elm Street" I thought that this would be a interesting set and put my dancing shows straight on. Unfortunetly, as I had feared Swift played what I felt was just a recycled set of what he has been playing for the past few months, sure there was maybe one new track in there somewhere that I hadn't heard him play before, but i feel that man has to be more diverse with his selection in order to keep the crowd on their toes. A shame coz I was hoping that Swift's set would be one of the nights highlights, sorry big man! Next up on the ones and twos was the True Playaz style of the Dj Zinc, admittedly my favourite Dj at the moment the next paragraph is likely to be stupidly biased.
His intro was undoubtedly Zinc but not anything that I had heard before, perhaps taken from his forthcoming album due next year, into this was quickly and precisely blended a new remix of his anthem from earlier on this year on True Playaz, "Ska". I havent heard any talk about this from anyone so I can only comment that it must have been made over the past few weeks. Many new tunes featured in the set such as the "Pitcher ragga rmx" and Roni Size's "Scrambled Eggs". Zinc also displayed his versatility by playing the melodic and latin tinged "Easyboom" by Drumajick another one of my personal favourites forthcoming on Sambaloco. Set finale was the "3 Tone VIP" with Ms Dynamite on vocal duty Called up for the rewind by the on form Mc Det.

At this time as Shy Fx strolled past me towards the decks, I thought it was a good time for a breather and I left for the hip hop room in order for a chill and cool down, as the exit beckoned I heard the sounds of " Dont Wanna Know" bouncing around behind me, I knew that the Shy was at the helm. Returning to the now incredibly overheated main room the familiar bass warp of Scorpio's "Li Li" reverberated through the speakers.

Next up should have been the Full Cycle beats of the one DJ Krust but for some unknow reasons he was unable to make it and was replaced on the bill by the DJ Clipz. Thankfully still accompanied by Tali adding her female vocal flex to the nights proceedings. This turned out to be the set of the night for me, shame the heat was taking it's toll so much and I felt the need to take a rest for the second half. Plently of new beats were showcased here, undoubtedly the Bristol sound on display for all the local and visiting heads. A few new tunes from Clipz himself showcased himself as a serious production talent that I had overlooked in the past and should keep an eye out for in the future. Set highlights were mainly Full Cycle and Reprazent beats such as, "Scrambled Eggs" and "Out Of Breath" featuring the vocal talents of Rahzel. A special mention has to go out to Tali who was awesome on the mic and showed real diversity effortlessly shifting from song to rap in her teasing of the crowd.

At the end of Clipz's set it was "3:00 in the mawnin" (sorry!) and I was knackered, so missing BC's set in made the long slog home (well out the front door to waiting taxi). Not a bad night some good memories of the evenings beats and a wicked cheese toastie when i got home. Not the greatest club in the world and apart from the line up there wasn't much incentive to revisit the place again, we shall see next time...

Nice review mate :thumbsup:

I was meant to be going to this cos a girl I know was playing in the hip hop room (a blond bird called Goldilocks, you see her?) but she told us at the last minute that our guestlist was cancelled and all tickets had sold out!!! :mad:
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