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Apr 10, 2003
Time Dependant 2007
Well this is more of a re-introduction some of the older heads will remember my ugly mug surfing this forum like a surfer on acid a while ago then I kind of slipped of the radar due to a real lack of enjoyment from the drum & bass scence at the time.
Well I can safely say after clearing my head in South America for a few months and generally doing a bit of forward thinking I'm now back and slowly getting my head back into my music once again.

So hello to all forum heads old and new I'm sure I'll be chatting to you all again soon

Andy Time Dependant
RE :welcome:

I've seen your name around a few super old threads. Why is your name in Italics? only seen a few like that

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loRdy lordy, same time as I showed up again too.
how are ya saybs?

@OCR, Time Dependant is one of the official contributors to the site from old times, reviews, etc.
Welcome back man. Its good to see all these older posters showing their faces again:)
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