RE:Format August 2011 mix featuring Noistek


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Without further delay, here is the next installment in the mix series! This month's special guest for RE:Format is Baltimore, MD's Noistek, founder of DigitalConspiracy, a network of djs and producers of all genres based out of the US. Bringing with him a fresh selection of heavy tracks, and a few select stalwart favorites, Noistek's mix is dark and aggressive all the way through. Check out the mix and his SoundCloud & Facebook pages below!

1. Hostage - Octopus Juice
2. Evol Intent - Take That Ewun remix feat. Mental Sharp
3. Noisia - Shellshock feat. Foreign Beggars
4. Noistek - Reaching Out
5. Ogonek & Cooh - Let The Music Play
6. Syze - Choke feat. Thought & Arsenic
7. Tech Itch - The Stranger Destroys
8. STHS - Don't Stop
9. Noistek - Motion
10. Current Value - Shy Flame feat. Snow
11. Hedj & Cativo - Death March
12. Hedj - Lifeline
13. Prolific - Progress Gein remix
14. Noistek - No Cure
15. Katharsys - Call Of The Wild
16. Noistek - The Klla

Check out his latest demo here, 15 tracks of heavy dnb!