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    MO’ FIRE Lyrics

    Navi (Hook)

    Mo’ Fire, Bag o’ wire, Blaze the liar, get the kyah, come gimme the dollar, HEY… X2

    Well a who them a follow, the godfather, a we a de founder, the vibesbringer,
    No dead ringer. NO… X2


    I can’t tek the way how some punk them dealing.
    The way them treat me bad dem done hurt me feeling
    Them want me 4 & 9 them want it start revealing
    Somebody fe get murder me say blood pon the ceiling
    I don’t like the way how the punk dem dealing
    Walk inna me way a try fe diss me feeling
    Phassy over deh so you fe get me meaning
    With the Soultrain & Navigator come we burn dem


    Now gimme the gasoline spark them up and make me burn them
    The lyrical style me have me a go use that fe done dem
    Bwoy no get me vex and make me back out me gun dem
    Face the consequence because you know it know it a no fun when
    The Navi, The Soultrain, Black Taran we come fe run dem
    So unu fe left the place before you end up inna problem
    Inna MC contest you know say that we a go flop dem
    Offa skyscraper from deh so we ago drop dem.

    HOOK….>>>>> X2

    Tenor Fly

    Mr. What you called? Me no even know your name.
    You no come nowhere inna the badbwoy hall of fame
    How you want fe diss all the youths dem pon the main
    I going to put inna coffin send you pon the first plane
    Thru we a shotter, hitter, serial killer.
    Go a you funeral & all drink out you liquor
    When you a bury we stand next to vicar
    Fling on some dirt and mek you bury little quicker
    Shouldn’t test the youth’s dem in the Tommy Hilfiger.
    Hug up you Mama, say sorry to you Papa.
    All a get number from you little sister
    A Thru we cold like Alaska, Freezer… WHAT…

    HOOK…>>>>>> &Adlib.


    Mic whipping, something kicking, back flipping.
    Girl’s dem tripping & skipping… YO
    Who is coming, I’m coming, Shabba’s coming
    Aint no stopping this fire burning.
    Top shotting, Party popping.
    Stop watching, nuff pushing, nuff squashing… YO
    How you feeling, tell me how you really feeling
    Are you ready for whats coming, coming.
    Cah dance nah run unless the Shabba run it
    A me say dance nah dun unless the Navi done it
    When me come in the place & pick up the Mic & everyting crisp
    You done know say me a the true Junglist…. BO..!

    HOOK X2….>>>>
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