Raw Dawg It (Dub Plate) - Feedback requested

DJ Roach

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Jun 15, 2003
Boston MA
Raw Dawg It (Dub Plate v3) - Feedback requested (UPDATED)

Hey guys, I want to try to get this little diddy pressed up eventually so I'd appriciate any feedback you could give me... It's mostly mixed and equalized, but I still want to play around with the bridge/buildup and add a few vocal samples... Any suggestions, comments or creative criticism would be much appriciated


Here's an updated version of the track... I think it's pretty much complete at this point... let me know what ya think... And yeah, I got rid of alot of the dog barks and changed up the drums alot... Made the snares snappier and such... Ah well, let me know what ya think

http://www.djroach.com/mp3/DJ Roach - Raw Dawg It - Dub Plate v3.mp3

- Roach
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Nov 29, 2001
WOOF WOOF WOOF :slayer: Possibly overused a little.

Itz alright, just toughen the drums up, or change them for different samples (kick, snare, percussion, rides etc). They sound very "Casio" keyboard.


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Oct 31, 2002
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hmm i dont think i would press this up... i dont think it would really go off in a club yet in it's current state. Drums def (still) need toughening up... they're too quiet in the mix, and there's no groove (this is something i often complain about when reviewing tunes.... the beat is perfectly quantized which makes it sound too clinical and mechanical.... you want a bit of groove in there to make it human).

There's some nasty key clashes with the organ & bass at 3:08 and after... def would need sorting out before pressing.... also the bass sound needs some work... it's pretty flat atm, could use some movement, and it's too loud in the mix anyway.

I would also go back and look at the equalisation again... there's not much sub bass in there (not enough to make you wanna puke anyway), and the high freq's are pretty loud.. probably would make yer ears bleed when played loud. This stuff is pretty common when mixing on hifi speakers...

overall, there's some really good ideas in there, and the production skills are pretty good.. i think it's probably you're equipment thats letting you down atm.... ie no monitors and at least 1 dodgy sound module (im thinkin some low end roland midi synth)
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