RAW 2010 Drum & Bass Mixtape!

Done for Denmarks biggest clubbing event "RAW" in part of the thier mixtape sessions for the 2010 event!

Link to RAW's homepage : www.rawcph.com

Link to the mix : http://soundcloud.com/dj-breakfast/dj-breakfast-raw-2010-mixtape

1.Sonic - Piano Anthem(Hospital Records)
2.'Phetsta ft. Camo & Krooked - Stage Diver(Technique Recordings)
3.Logistics - Toy Town(Hospital Records)
4.Netsky - Memory Lane(Hospital Promo)
5.Danny Byrd - Sweet Harmony(Hospital Records)
6.Split Second - Wanna Dance(Liqweed Ganja Promo)
7.Taxman - If Only(Ganja Records)
8.Vital Elements - Cosmic Being(Grid Promo)
9.Potential Badboy - My Sound(Ganja Promo)
10.Tantrum Desire & Cabbie - 21st Century(Technique Recordings)
11.Crystal Clear & Zen - Man With No Name(Frontline Records)
12.Break - Traits VIP(Symmetry Recordings)
13.Sub Focus - Could This Be Real(Ram Records)
14.Break - Late Drop(Critical Records)
15.Noisia - Deception(Ram Records)
16.Fourward - White Noise Down(Fokuz Records)
17.Netsky - Young & Foolish(Allsorts Records)
18.Vital Elements - Murderation(Grid Promo)
19.Taxman - Too Bad VIP(Frontline Records)
20.Original Sin - Pimp Don't Limp(Ganja Records)
21.G-Dub - Forever(Original Sin VIP)(Ganja Records)
22.Original Sin ft. Felix Mouso - Your Love(Ganja Records)
23.Netsky - Tomorrow's Another Day(Liqweed Ganja)

Length: 57 minutes.
Size: 130 MB

The mix will be posted at RAW's homepage in the near future, hope you'll enjoy and feel free to leave any comments wether good or bad.

Peez! :wave:
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