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    i thought it would be a laugh to hear a little something from everyone about their greatest rave moments. when you get to my age, raving starts taking its toll. i remember very little about the nights i used to go to when i started raving and these days raving isn't the fucked up event it used to be, needless to say i blame the mdma, but i do have some very vivid flashes of memory about some little incident or when a tune got dropped for the first time.

    i'll start off with a night me and a good buddy went to at the medicine bar in birmingham. it was a prosession with andy c. it was absolutley rammed in there and on the dancefloor you couldn't move indepently, you had move the way the crowd moved, it was that packed. (this was back in the day when you could pay 3 quid on the door to see andy c) i just remember him droppin the origin unknown remix of stand clear by adam f and m.o.p. the place went mental then he bought thunderball in as quick as you like and rolled out one the best mixes i've ever heard. i was lucky, coz we decided not to get wrecked that night coz we was off to a valve the next night, and that memory stays crystal clear in my head. the valve was amazing as well, first one i went to and that whole weekend was the best rave of my life.:slayer:
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    Went to a SICK ram night in 06 with $phinx. Andy smacked it! When we were just about to go we saw him coming out of the toilets and he looked like he was gurning!! Me, being mashed on the beans myself, decided to go up to him whilst he was chatting to zinc and i got him with "Andy you got something on your shirt" then i flicked him on the nose. He laughed and shook my hand. Proper sound down to earth guy. If i would have done that to grooverider i would've probably not been here today....
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    it was a cold winters night in febuary of 1993 and i'd already had two attempts at pissing, but such was my excitement i couldn't go in the 2 brief and considerably stoned stops on the motorway. i was aged 16 and had never experienced a major rave before, and certainly not a event that lasted longer than past midnight, but, i had come fully prepared. as we had pulled into the vast carpark my first thoughts was to find the nearest bogs as i was bustin and knew that no matter how excited nothing could hold this back, but before i could run to the, thankfully, convieniently placed portacabin loo's no more than 10 feet away, my first encounter of a fellow major raver came..."do you want any trippy pictures" he spoke, wide eyed, and obviously wafted from some form of drug. with the thought of pissing myself (both senses of the word) i let him down gently. after what was possibly the most satisfying piss ever i ran towards the entrance to the 2 interconnected warehouses that contained the nights festivities. upon reaching the turnstiles, ticket in hand, i realised that i had a considerable amount of illegal drugs on me and this could be as close as i get to a major rave as if caught i'd definitely be sentanced to a time inside, as i hadn't given everyone i was with there chosen amounts for the coming night, despite a breif heartstopping moment i was patted down and ushered in...WOOOHHHOOO!!!!

    upon entering the fully lit first warehouse, which contained a funfair, market stalls - selling all types of merchandise - with even a records stall, and it's own mini rave (still bigger than i had ever experienced before), i hastened towards the ever growing rumbling noise of thundering bass and thuds of the main event, as i walked in to the darkly covered warehouse, noticing how many people had already filled the centre area, i felt an overwhelming sense of love, belonging and security..."this is home" i thought to myself! talking of security, the next thing i saw was a massively tall yardie looking guy being dragged out by about 4 security guys, followed by another security guy holding a sizeable crack pipe - how the frig he smuggled that in i'll never know!

    after sharing out the required chemicals for the nights events to my evenings companions, we decided to split into smaller groups to explore the parameters of what can only be described as heaven on earth, this heaven had all that was wonderous to the imagination and more, 12 thousand people packed into the 2 conjoined arenas, together as one partying to the best of their ability. fine women, fine music - pumped through a 100k sound system, hosted by the finest of dj's, Grooverider, SS, Top Buzz, Ellis Dee, Seduction, Slipmatt, Ratty, Swan-e and more.

    being so hyper and exquistly overwhelmed by events and seemingly the shape of things to come, i had two full hours dancing and exploring the place before i consumed any illegal chemical products, but after i had consumed half my nights alloted consumption, the night changed and developed into a experience i can only ever dream of repeating.

    i was embraced and accepted with immediate affect as a fellow raver with no question or judgement of my age, shaking hands and being hugged by many, whilst absorbing the forefront of british underground hardcore music. i really, and finally felt part of the so-called 'Rave Movement'. it was around 1 or 2 am that i came to the conclusion that i must purchase turntables and learn the art of djing after seeing Grooverider touch down, wow what an impact, hit me in the heart harder than i can imagine a Tyson punch. although by this time i was obliterated and could hardly dance, fuck, i could hardly talk, but my vision, although impaired slightly, absorded as much as my hearing.

    half way through grooveriders set, exhausted from my dance hard ways, i spent about ten minutes looking for a place to sit. walking across the stage at the back of the arena, i found a spot, it was on the 3rd tier of dance platforms and i could see piping going across the wall of the warehouse about a foot away from the scaffolding that made the frame work of the 3rd tier platform, it wasn't till i tried to get down i found a problem... in my weakened state trying to push myself to jump back to the dance platform i didn't quite push hard enough and for a moment thought i would fall 20 feet down the back of this stage and probably to my death, however i managed to once again push against the warehouse wall, to which i feebley fell upon a fellow reveller who was in the midst of skinning up, to this day i'm still in disbelief how i didn't surcome to a serious injury and whats more why the bloke i fell on, apologised to me!

    the dj stage was atleast 20 ft in up and had beneath it an exit/entrance to the connected funfair warehouse, spending a few deserved moments of rest i could see a guy in front of me wipe his hair and look up as if a bird had shit on his head, as i was further back i could see up and behind the dj booth, where Mad P and another bloke were spitting on people as they walked under the dj booth into the dance floor, i clocked them them and they clocked me, as i laughed Mad P gave me the thumbs up! boy was i proud!

    the rest of the night was slightly less eventful/memorable (but only just), firstly as i had become quite fatigued, and secondly as i had necked the remaining chemicals i had safely stashed upon my person. dancing had changed from the usual animated Jacko like foot moves, to a considerably less active on the spot stomp. having made it to the last hour without bailing to the awaiting warmth and comfort of the parked car outside, i found a second, neigh, fifth wind and danced the last half hour solid, before being unearthed to the harsh reality, and the blinding light, of the outside world.

    a part of me was born that night, but also a part of me died, i felt i had been thrust into being adult (as well as a fully fledged raver), and as a result lost my child hood innocence, to this day i have never experienced anything better and feel that my dues were well and truly paid that night.

    i'd give so much to relive that night.

    * sigh *
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    ive got a memory like a sieve.
    i know a lot of cool things have happened to me. god i wish i could remember them.
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    U WOT M8?
    A regular Tom Clancy this guy. good story mate, felt like i was there
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    he writes techno-thrillers ?


    nah seriously, good story, funny, my first big outdoor rave was in feb 1993 too. Bukem's first trip to Aus I think. I got offered to buy crack in the carpark, which opened my eyes a bit wider than they already were (first acid trip too.)
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    I am bored waiting to go to Glade so excuse my likkle story!

    I reminisce!
    My honeymoon period….

    My ‘golden era’ was around 1998 when I first started going out properly. I’d been to countless free parties with friends and to be honest it was all about getting off your tits on some illegal substance or other. The music came a close second though…I would have said that chasing girls was a close third but unfortunately you never really get good looking girls at free parties…at least not the ones I used to attend in 97 / 96 time.

    The first few times I went out to a dnb club was to the Boxing Club in Reading run by free party orgainsers ‘Oops’ this was back when I was about 17. They weren’t so strict on ID back then and all you had to do was pay £5 for a laminated membership card and that was as good as any driving licenece is these days!....

    I had some really, really wicked nights there. I know people always go on about ‘back in the day’ and all that but seriously.. this was a genuinely unique place. It wasn’t a huge venue by any stretch of the imagination.. and was, literally a boxing club…all the promoters did was get a sound system in (that was actually quite good, being a free party crew an’ all) and get some big DJ down (Bad Company, Hype, C4C, Mickey Finn) and happy days…
    Although it was known to occasionally attract a few drug spastics and the odd dodgy geezer(ess) I don’t remember seeing any trouble. Perhaps this was because of the happy, peace and love community vibes, or perhaps this was due to the fact that the bouncers were the semi-professional boxers who worked out at the club when it was a gym in the day.

    Particuarly memeorable were DJ Hype who killed it, there was literally sweat dripping from the walls. Also memorable was Cause For Concern in 98. Man that night converted me for ever. Shit, almost ten years ago! Its mad to think that. I can remember that night so well. I didn’t even know who they were but there techy darkside tunes just had my spine tingling all night. Shortly after that I bought decks and went out hunting for tunes in Massive Records every Saturday the darker the better, Bad Company, Cause For Concern, Teebee, anything on Metalheadz, Hardware or Protoype got snapped up.

    Shortly after the Boxing Club shut its ‘all nighters’ down The Matrix popped up and for a few years we had big nights in Reading till some cunts shot someone.. that kinda signaled the end of dnb in Reading!... There have been other nights but although the vibes have been ok they never really matched the uniqueness of back then…I guess it was because everyone knew each other, even the DJ’s!

    The Matrix was good though… I had some really good nights there. I had my decks then and was good at mixing. My mates played at the club and I knew all the tunes. My naïve amazement at the music had been replaced with a slightly more reserved love and respect for the ‘scene’ which has stayed with me and has now turned into a career funnily enough!

    I remember how it felt though the first time I heard Valley Of The Shadows drop or Warhead or anything massive like that. I remember how I loved every set, every tune, every club I went to. Sitting in mates cars, bedrooms listening to tape packs, talking about tunes, shagging girls, slagging off Garage, smoking crappy weed (I have since given up).. We used to rewind the tapes to replay the mixes or tunes we loved so often the tapes would snap. (particular tapes I remeberr snapping were Kenny Ken One Nation 98 with Shabba and my copied version of Planet V).

    I guess that era was my honeymoon period with the music. I could not get enough. I developed a passion for the music that I will never really loose. Just like a relationship, I realize you have to work at it. It doesn’t come easy, and sometimes you want to jack it all in. I know people that have given up on it. To be honest at the moment I struggle with the mainstream of dnb, its going through a teenage rebellious stage again (ie..that annoying ring tone and bass stuff..not naming any names…..zplic, lol.), we aren’t getting on too well, but I have faith it will come back and we will be how we were. But you know, every now and then ill here an album like Malice In Wonderland, or a new producer will begin to shine (Lomax, Alix Perez) who captures my imagination and I remember why I get on my decks every single day!
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    Seeing Fabio at Cocoshebeen playing stuff like

    Made It Last Night
    So Vain

    No MC either, I like MCs but it made a nice change.
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    God i got soooo many.......
    All the World Dance's i've been to and the gatherings at Camber Sands after!
    And the feeling i got once when the sun started to shine through the aircraft hangar @ World Dance when Peshays 'the piano tune' was busted,hairs on neck standing up moment!
    Going to A.W.O.L. at the Paradise Club!
    Being at Club Telepathy for the last night in the Wax Club.
    Spinning on my back on the floor of the Sanctuary on the last night(Slammin' Vinyl)
    Witnessing Stevie 'Hyper' D (R.I.P.) many many many times,LEGEND!
    Being filmed @ Helter Skelter in sanctuary in 1994.I was quite pleased at being on the video having like a mad man to Hype,but then the same footage was used on an Ecstasy program on TV a few months later that my mum see,she wasn't pleased!
    Calling MC MC by he's real name,Maurice,in front of quite a few people @ elevation/hardcore dance awards in the astoria,he wasn't best pleased.I'll always remember that.
    And chewing Grooveriders ear off too at the same night,i couldn't stop waffling bollocks,he was safes as houses though and remembered me after i mentioned it to him a few years after.
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    This made me smile & cry in equal measure.