Rave Story by Otiz F Angel - the review

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    Otiz F Angel is one of the most successful promoters on the Ibiza scene, so much so that he has opened clubs in the US, Poland and Germany. This book tell how he got there.

    Starting in gangland London, this story tells of Otiz' journey through the rave era. Otiz describes the initial culture shock of seeing the first crowd of ravers having proper at a normal club. His love of music meant that he gradually warmed to the music, and ended up help to run a pirate station (Obsession 93.7 FM). One of his birthday celebrations unwittingly became a rave, and the ensuing chaos is almost hilarious.

    However, it isn't all laughs, as Otiz was still part of a firm, and there is an ongoing conflict throughout this autobiography between gangland and the house hippy. It also tells of the conflicted home life Otiz had, eventually leading to his wife leaving him, except she took his son and daughter with her.

    Otiz ran warehouse parties, and eventually when the Criminal Justice act destroyed the Warehouse scene, moved into the club scene. It tells of his struggle with councils, and how the scene changed. Moving through from the smiles and love of the early days through the dark side ride that was Jungle and Garage. Its fair to say that it was the trouble on the streets, and not the music that made things so dark.

    When Otiz went to Ibiza it was an epiphany, and ended up with his night Love been set up. Not without plenty of haters getting in the way though.

    What I like about this autobiography is the honest way in which it is told. There is a bit of pride for what he’s achieved and rightly so. The main thing is the way in which it tells of a man managing to find a way though life when the easy way was to stay running the firm he was in! there are some well funny adventures in here, and its hard not to get sucked into this book.

    Review by Stedfast

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    Angel is very kind and helps everyone he meets.
    He started one of the biggest independent nightclubs chains that kept the clubscene alive for years
    Angel is from one of the biggest families in London
    He is a great author the book Ravestory is so exciting.