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so it began. the subject of my ever increasing distaste becoming apparent from an overly loud vocal display that caught my annoyance. he was lavishly draped in outlandish apparel deemed attractive to only a moron, and for as much i would gladly have struck him a fisticuff of knuckle then and there, let alone for the buffoons obvious aggravating boisterousness. however, a rampant festering fool of a bouncer with a lust for caction did prevent me so, eyeballing the situation with an assuming concern and anticipated excitement. even so, one look out of turn from the disgracefully clad nuisance would have resulted in one administering a clenched fist to his eye cavity without hesitation, chancing the consequent inquiries from the observing authorities.

i was unperturbed by the thirst to dish out a rightful justice and readily calmed oneself to an act of permissible decency, before merely following the rapscallion to a safer, more populated area.

in the knowledge of an unwitnessed act, i calmly landed a heavy blow to the facial bullseye of this odious and unpleasantly chipper young oaf, causing much a hullabaloo of loud wailing and blood. it was at this very moment i re-evaluated my current safety of prying eyes and made a conscious decision to scarper the scene with great haste.

needless to say my calculated actions went unseen, and i later went on to celebrate in fine form with many flaggons of ale accompanied by buxom temptresses.