Rave Monsta @ SUB61, Manchester. BLACK SUN EMPIRE, UNKNOWN ERROR, BKEY + more

RAVE MONSTA!! drum&bass sessions @ SUB61
celebrating a year of Rave Monsta.... in style!

Friday 5th March 2010

Artillery Street,
M3 3HN

BLACK SUN EMPIRE (Black Sun Empire Recordings)
www.blacksunempire.com / www.myspace.com/blacksunempire

BKEY (Tech Itch Recordings)

UNKNOWN ERROR (Renegade Hardware)

KUT D a.k.a. COALMINER (Coologik Records)

N-ZYME (X-Rated Audio)

CIRCUIT 400 (Coologik Records)

SHOOKZ (Hustle Audio)

AIRON TOKZIC (Machete Sound)

TARINTINO (NBD / Rave Monsta)

SKILLING (NBD / Rave Monsta)

the night is hosted by Paddy Manski + Sleepy C (on supporting acts only)

Friday 5th March 2010
Artillery Street,
M3 3HN

LIMITED early bird tickets; £5
Tickets; £10 // £15 on the door!
no caps or hoods

BSE Recordings / oBSEsessions / Shadows of the Empire

Black Sun Empire represent the finest in dark and techy dancefloor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they’ve continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as three full‐length LPs and establishing themselves as leaders in the field. With their awesome DJ skills and inspirational productions, Black Sun Empire have reached far beyond their native Holland. They’ve toured the world over, playing dates in the USA, UK, Russia, Korea, Australia and New Zealand to name but a few, and continue to build on their growing reputation as some of the most exciting and consistent performers around. Black Sun Empire have been setting the pace again in 2009, with collaborations alongside the likes of Eye‐D and N.Phect, remixes for Gridlok and Cause 4 Concern plus the launch of their new label Shadows of the Empire. They're currently working on a new LP featuring drum & bass and dubstep productions and have more in store for 2010 from the likes of Mindscape, Telemetrik & Bulletproof across their labels.

Borne of brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer along with René Verdult, Black Sun Empire is a DJ/producer collective based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Since first making music together in 1993, the trio experimented with various styles until they found their musical direction around 1997 and formed Black Sun Empire. Heavily influenced by releases from the darker labels such as No U Turn, Prototype and Virus, they took the techstep drum & bass blueprint and set out to make a new sound of their own.
With a sound that was fresh, new and progressive, their early demos caught the ears of several well‐established labels. Their debut release came courtesy of Rotterdam based label Piruh in 1999 with the tracks ‘Skin Deep’ and ‘Voltage’ and further release on Piruh and another Dutch imprint, DJ Esta’s “A New Dawn,” soon followed. It wasn’t long, however, before their technically proficient productions came to the attention of Trace, the long‐serving DJ and techstep pioneer, and he invited Black Sun Empire to compose a remix for his label DSCi4. They took on the classic “Mutant Jazz,” and provided a remix of truly devastating proportions that announced Black Sun Empire on the UK and indeed the world scene.
Further release on DSCi4 came and were followed by remixes for SKC and Technical Itch before, in 2002, the boys decided to start a label of their own. Set up as an outlet for their increasing body of work, Black Sun Empire Recordings became home for their own productions as well as collaborations with other like‐minded artists. Their first album ‘Driving Insane’ was released in 2004 to critical acclaim and featured work with the collective talents of Concord Dawn and Stu from Cause 4 Concern alongside their own material. Deft, dynamic, devastating and deranged the album announced that the day of the Dutch was dawning. Supported by a mix CD, it showcased their sound in style and coincided with a highly successful world tour, taking in dates across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.
Motivated by the massive response they had received, the boys followed up with their second long‐player, ‘Cruel and Unusual’, in 2005. Raising the banner of the Black Sun Empire even higher than before, the LP featured further collaborative work with yet more high‐profile artists including Noisia, Corrupt Souls and Kemal. Feeling the urge to satisfy other sides of their collective psyche, a sister label was established in the form of “oBSEssions.” Designed to cater for atmospheric, unusual and funky flavours, this label is certainly no lightweight and proven itself as one to watch with releases from the likes of Chris SU, Noisia and SKC so far alongside newer names.
Never losing touch with their roots, Black Sun Empire continue to promote their bi‐monthly event ‘Blackout’ in their home town of Utrecht and are looking forward to it's seventh year aniversary in 2010. This well‐established event has attracted some of the best in DJ talent from across the globe and regularly draws crowds of up to 1,000 people. As resident DJs, Black Sun Empire consistently captivate the crowds by mixing their freshest material together with live elements to bring an edge to their sets.
Their most recent LP, ‘Endangered Species,’ drew together creative minds from across the drum & bass scene with input from Noisia, Bad Robot, Chris SU, Jade, State Of Mind, D.Kay, Optiv and Audio all featuring alongside BSE. The resulting tour was a resounding success worldwide with nearly 100 gigs and was soon followed by last year’s ‘My Lightyear LP’ Tour alongside Telemetrik, to promote his debut album on BSE Recordings. In 2009, BSE have been on a roll with a whole raft of releases across their labels including collaborations with State Of Mind, N.Phect and Eye‐D. Add to that the release of their dubstep label, “Shadows of the Empire,” plus tours in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and it's no surprise why they're widely regarded as one of the hardest working DJ/producer teams around.


B-Key started listening to Electro and Hip Hop back in the mid ‘80’s, getting into the Breakdance scene and competing in the competitions alongside Dylan. He was heavily into the music, and by ’89-’90, B-Key was going out to Raves like Biology, Energy, Raindance, Telepathy and weekly clubs like Camden Palace and Orange soon became a regular thing. In 1992 a pirate radio station called Raw FM started (which eventually became Rude FM 88.2) and B-Key got a regular set each week, which he still plays today every Sunday from 6-8pm.

Producing was a natural progression and soon B-Key teamed up with Dylan and released their first track in 1994 on Droppin’ Science Vol. 9 under the name of Kosmos.

Since then, B-Key has had a number of releases on Renegade Hardware,Freak,Biotic, XXX, Cylon, Outbreak, and remix work for Moving Shadow. He has also had several tracks of his tracks used in T.V. commercials on the Paramount Channel and Bravo.

Besides playing across London and Europe, B-Key has also toured several times in the U.S., playing in cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati and Philly. He is also one of the residents at The Therapy Sessions at Herbal in London.

Future plans for B-Key include assisting Dylan with the new freak sub label Obscene Recordings, as well as forthcoming releases on Freak Recordings, Renegade Hardware and possibly Metalheadz. He also is a mean Rambo look-a-like!!!


I will update with other artists bio's asap.

For consideration of playing on a Rave Monsta night contact Airon Tokzic on all_evil_no_play(a)hotmail.com