Ratty @ The Edge or Amnesia House 93/94 Set ID desperately needed!


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Hey everyone,

Can someone ID this set for me?, I used to have a dodgy copy that gave up the ghost at least ten years ago and now I can't carry on without hearing getting hold of it again!

DJ Ratty at The Edge or Amnesia House at the Edge?, probably late 93 early 94. Robbie Dee at his very best, the set is only 45 minutes long.

Starts with;

Undergraduates - Into Da Future

DJ Spinback - In Effect

and also includes (in no particular order)

Love Dove Jay - Body Risers
Tango and Fallout - Further Intrigue
Jim Polo & Neil Vass - Underground Feeling (Remix)
Bizzy B - Revolution (remix)

Finishes with Final Conflict (Mickey Finn Rmx).

If someone could ID it or knows where I could get hold of an mp3 of it I would be really grateful - Cheers


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Cheers fella, Quality set as always by the Ratty but not the one, think this has been doing the rounds for a while.

The original tape (from what I remember was a black Edge tape that came in a six pack). As I say the set was only 45 minutes long and Robbie Dee directly refers to this fact at the end just before Final Conflict Rmx. It leads into the start of Jumpin Jack Frosts set that is MC'd by a brummie who used to one of the MC's at Quest (not Scarlet though). I don't think anyone has posted it anywhere because I would have found it by now! It should be because it is a killa! The quest continues!

Thanks anyway!


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No worries! Thought i would just take chance & up it for ya anyway. Good like finding it though.