rare trippe dj pack dr s gachet dj ss 1997


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Jun 1, 2009
hi their people i have a 3 lp record my brother brought in 1997 and he put it up and never used it never opend it so its still in the wrapper and just as new as when it was first brought i have tryed looking on google for this and other playces and cant find it anywheir on vinyal, anyway it is called creative drumandbass dr s gachet . dj ss tripple vinyl dj pack. it has 20 tunes on the tracks are.
1. forbidden agenda dr s gachet
2. underwater communication jonny l
3. cant go wrong subject to reason
4. horn section rogue unit
5. mutant jazz dj trace remix t power
6. the message shy fx
7. mystical people nookie & larry heard
8. phutristic joint c4
9. seabreeze matrix
10.sights beyond jhon b
11.in my dreams decoder
12.cooper ic1
13.urban jazz zed
14.flight dave wallace
15.blue nights zed
16.3 days eugenix
17.helicopter 97 deep blue
18.the future $man
19.twister mental power
20.after dark a sides & dj flex

if any1 can tell me if its rare and how mutch i could sell it for that would be great thanks andy:)


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Jul 29, 2008
yeah its the same one i got couldnt find it yesterday tho its bugging me now i have quite a lot of records so it must be in there somewhere,but i dont think its guna make you rich lol
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