RARE Jungle/Ragga tunes 1993-1996+ for sell….must see!!!!!!

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    RARE Jungle/Ragga tunes 1993-1996+ for sell….must see!!!!!!

    I’m selling more and more of my collection, again! This is the biggest list I have ever made and ever will. This is my years of collecting and searching online for tunes. Here is your chance to own some very very rare jungle/ragga tunes that rarely come around. I’m looking to get current ebay prices so I sorta know what each tune is worth. Email me with your offers at:

    Visit my site at www.jungleforever.com


    -Blackstar LP-VA-Congo Natty
    (The rarest and most saught after ragga album. A bunch of unrelesed tunes and vip dubplates. Has an amazing pic cover.)
    -Dubplate One-???-Congo Natty 10 inch black label (Top 5 most wanted jungle tunes in the land.)
    -The Ruler-Major Popular-White Label
    (Rare anthem ragga roller. That’s it!)
    -4 track ep-???-Blackcat 002
    (Amazing 4 tracker done by congo natty back in the day. Super rare must have)
    -Make D’ Speakers POP-???-Slammin 003 white label
    (Super duper rare. If you know it you want it)
    -The Reward/Jack of Spades-Cleanhead-Ruffian 001
    (Both sides are rare ragga jungle goodness. The Reward is a personal fav)
    -Baby Face Ragga Tribute: Rebel With a Cause/The Dreamer/Big Up-VA-Labello Blanco (3 must haves with nice pic sleeve)
    -Right Sound-Latimore-Pure Vibe 002
    (Right Sound Right Sound…Lovely big bass rolling ragga tune)
    -Hold It Down/Modeller-Greenwood-Inner City Dance 001
    (“Funny how time flys when your having fun” Great roller to calm the dance. This is one of my fav labels of all time.)
    -Put Down De Matic-Lloydie Crucial-LC 001
    (Top 10 tune for ages now. Cant stop playing it)
    -Good Body Girl-Major Popular-Jet Star white label
    (All girls!)
    -Gun Talk LP-Marvellous Cain-Suburban Base
    (Has 8 unreleased tunes including the best mix of Limb by Limb)
    -Oh Gosh rmx-Heavyweight-Channel 5
    (Classic and hard to find)
    -Bad Boy Rhythm-Studio II-Redskins
    -Mellow Tough-???-Mellow Tough
    (Ganja smoking amen anthem)
    -Smash and Blag/Strictly Roots-???-white label
    (Rare reggae influenced amens)
    -Slam “Gimme De Gal”-Marvellous Cain feat Beenie Man-wl
    (You gotta know this one)
    Major Respect-DJ Fallout-white label
    (Awesome mash up tune and very rare)
    -The latest Lick EP-Ruthless-Redskins 003
    (RARE redskins ive never seen before)

    TUNES FOR SELL starting at $25
    Murder Them/Champion Sound-Underworld-Fist 2 Fist 001
    (You know the score)
    Big Up Your Chest/Don Man in the Dance-Underworld-Fist 2 Fist 004
    (You know the score)
    Original Rude Boy-Cutty Ranks-Jungle Fashion
    (Rare rare cutty mix)
    Rough Rider-Dollar Don-Jet Star wl
    Wickedest Thing-General Pecos-Fashion
    (Nice ragga tune)
    You Are Sensi Addict-Candy Man-Hyper
    (The best hyper ragga tune. Ganja man!)
    Beast-Jason McCarthy-Inversions
    (Rare ragga label)
    (Rare ragga label)
    Know Jah-DJ 007-Lab Logic
    (The best ragga roller on this label)
    (Original hard to find copy of this classic)
    Love Like Mine-Rudeclan-Rudeclan
    (I love these tunes and this label runs things)
    True True Love-Rudeclan-Rudeclan
    (I love these tunes and this label runs things)
    Badman/Soundboy-Dj Redneck-Fluid Vinyl
    (Rare ragga label)
    Silent Sensi-D Styles-Fluid Vinyl
    (Rare ragga label)
    ???-???-Jungle Neck JN 001
    (Great old school jungle ep. Top notch!)
    Nuh Ease Up-Shy Fx-Simple Tings
    (Shy FX!)
    Dubplate-Shy Fx-Simple Tings
    (Best work!)
    -Maximum Style rmx-Tome and Jerry-Tom and Jerry 10 inch
    (My fav T+J release)
    -Jungle Soundscape/Journey into Sound-Dub fe Dub-Potential Bad Boy-Redskins 006
    (All 3 tunes are the best)
    -Skylarking/Liquidator-Black Tracks 001
    (Rare redlight off shoot. I have 2 copies for grab and they both have slight surface noise. I think they were all made like that.)
    -The Herb-???-Knightforce green 10 inch
    (On many peoples top wants and fav tunes of all time!)
    -The Crack-???-Knightforce 22 blue 10 inch
    (Cutty ranks killing all other djs)
    like as its soundboy killing to the extreme. Very very rare label)
    -Gangster-Trinity-Philly Blunt test press
    (Original copy from Brian G)
    -Selecta Bwoy-Krust-Dope Dragon 001
    (Best and rarest of the drop dragons (ragga tune at that) never repressed)
    -This is the Way/Kung Fu/Grave Digger/Pepper Seed-Lenny D Ice-CIS Productions 001
    (One of the best 4 trackers I have. The Way rmx and Kung Fu are just badness)
    -2001-???-White label
    (The theme to 2001 space odyssey. I play this tune all the time!!)
    -Worries in the Dance rmx/Idiot Sound-DJ Ron-London Sumptin 003
    (All time anthem! Idiot Sound is my personal fav on this release)
    -My Sound/Whos there?-Frankie Paul-Jet Star wl
    (Another must have just like Worries in the Dance)
    -Highly Recommened Album-DJ SS-Formation
    (Has vips of the Black and Lighter, both are my fav mixes of the tunes)
    -Surround Sound Vol 1-DJ Rescue-10 inch white label
    (ANTHEM of amen mash up as heard on soundmurderers wired for sound cd, must have and less then 300 pressed)
    -Actionman-Sleeping Lion-ELM 003
    -Look Good Girl-DIY Crew-Jet Star white label
    (VERY rare ladies anthem with a unique bassline, love this one)
    -Big Up Ya Chest-2 G’s-Assassin Records
    (Assassins anthem)
    -Jungle Love/She Wants a 24/7-Dextrous-Land of the Giants 03
    (Lovely Jungle roller for the ladies crew)
    -Informer/Hold Up-Tarzan-Running Records
    -9 MM/The Bomber/Daddy Arms House-VA-Jungle Massiv Vol 2
    (Gangsta jungle)
    -All the Ladies/Wicked Every Time-Jaco-Unity
    (personal fav)
    -Bastards/Coca Cola-Blackman-Shut up and Dance
    (Bastards is a classic and Coca Cola is for de gal dem)
    -Operation Tek Him/Everything rmx-De Good De Bad De Ugly-Eezee Records 01
    (very rare and nice ragga mash up)
    -Murderous Style/Jump-DJ Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 001
    -Dibby DJ/Jungle Pressure-DJ Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 004
    (My person fav is Jungle Pressure hotness)
    -Ganja Feel/Ruff N Rugged-Helen T-Strictly Jungle
    (Ganja smokers/Mash up Lovers this ones for you)
    -Smoker/Just Ganja-Jungle Terrorists-Raging Spirit
    (Ganja Smoking mash up anthem yet again. Top Cat Vox throughout)
    -Bad Boy-Only Play By Bad Boy-Bad Boy 10 inch
    (I love this tune both sides are mash up rollers. Unknown!)
    -Don’t Dis the King-Brock Out Crew-Slam Records
    (Must have!)
    -Rasta Youth-Cantankerous-Slammin 02
    (Nice mash up Rasta tune)
    -Dread at the Controls-Just Us-Phat Trax
    (Soundboy killing! Unknown)
    -Latest Craze-Demolition Man-Sour 15 promo
    (One of my top 10 ragga anthems! The rarest SOUR tune because it was only on promo)
    -Smoking Studio EP-Smokey Joe-Crime Time Records 01
    (More unknown ganja smoking rarities)
    -Silence/Horse Rider-Dub Rush-Back 2 Back
    (Rare ragga label with Snoop Dog dark mash up tune)
    -Bastards/Black Man-Redlight
    (Highly Sought after anthem)
    -Gimme De Weed/Pirates-???-Metamorphisis
    (I love Pirates but most others love Gimme De Weed, take ur pick)
    -Got the Funk/De Squad Lick-Bruck Wild-Jet Star white label
    (Rare 94 Redman amen mash up tune)
    -The Rinser/Stop Lick the Crack-DJ FT-Flying Fish
    (Wonderful label as this is the best ragga rollers out there)
    -The Final Chapter-DJ TakTix-Back 2 Basics
    (only ragga tune on the label and is a 94 ladies anthem)
    -String Dem Up-Cutty Ranks-Street Tuff st4
    (I think one of cuttys best tunes and its on ST so you cant go wrong)
    -Jimmy Cliff-I can See Clearly-Jet Star white label
    (great vocal ragga roller)
    -I like to Smoke Marijuana-Cheeba 95-Rising High Records
    (I think this is one of the best rolling tunes ever made, with Ganja man vocals to boot)
    -Jungle Rock-Dennis Brown-Street Tuff 15
    (Dennis brown cant go wrong)
    -Hunt and Seek-2 Gs-Assassin Records 004
    (Soundboy Killing at its best)
    -Make Love 2 Me-Lewi-Street Tuff 11
    (I love this tune! Helped get me into jungle in 94. Ladies vibe with a HOT bassline)
    -Body Tune Up/Gonna Make a Chance-FT-Flying Fish
    (Ladies ragga rolling anthem)
    -Bazooka-Dollar Don-Jet Star white label
    -Whip Dem-Dennis Brown-white label
    (Dennis Brown whipping a soundbowy)
    -Inah Sound/Outa Sound/King David Dub-X Project-X Project 002
    (When Congo Natty made super good records)
    -Lion of Judah-X Project-X Project 003
    (More Congo Natty good tunes)
    -Southern California-TDK-white label
    (I hope you have heard this. Classic!)
    -Summer Time-TDK-white label
    (I hope you heard this also another classic)
    -What Ever/Feels So Good-Mafia-Blackhanded vol 2
    (Very rare and just amazing bassline at the second break. Must have)
    -Hot Pepper Jungle-Jungle Dread-Jet Star white label
    (Hot ragga roller for the junglists and junglettes)
    -Touch Me/Stamina-Greenwood-Inner City Dance
    (More ragga rollers from this great label)
    -I wanna Sex You Up-Bad Bone-Jet Star wl
    (You know the rnb tune this is the fat jungle mix)
    -Don’t Diss/Run Riddim-Sherlock Dreadlock-Slam
    (Nuff Said)
    -Jungle Tempo-Red Rose-Greensleeves
    (Top 3 greensleeves tune for me and never repressed)
    -Everyman-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl 011
    (Anthem with pic sleeve)
    -Make Love to Me-Lewi-Street Tuff
    (The most played street tuff I have. Fe de gal dem)
    -My Sound-Frankie Paul-Street Tuff
    -Bad Man Sound-???-Headless 004 promo
    (Bad Man amens)
    I will Always Love You-Soundman-Street Tuff 23
    (Whitney Houston rmx niceness. One of the best drops in the game)
    Scheming-General Levy-Downbeat Jungle
    (4 mixes of this rare release of jungle niceness)
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    Scheming-General Levy-Downbeat Jungle
    (4 mixes of this rare release of jungle niceness)
    Hang Dem High-DJ Sparks-Yaw
    (Most wanted record by the community)
    Thunderclap-Remarc-White House
    (Remarc’s most mashed up tune ever. Most wanted)
    Rollin-Potential Bad Boy-Jekyll & Hyde green 10 inch
    (VERY rare and just top notch soundboy killin)
    -Move Your Body-Life-Dark Science 001
    (Coca Cola vox for this ragga roller. Never seen before!)
    -Little Rollers vol 3
    (The best in the series imo)
    -Pappa Lover-General Degree-Street Tuff 10r
    (The best of the mixes)
    -???-???-Jungle Records 001
    (R Kelly and ragga vox for this unknown label)
    -Rebel Without Applause/Champion-Tax Dodgers-Jet Star wl
    (Marely vox for this sweet roller. Has the tax dodgers rmx of Champion on the flip)
    -New Something EP-Future II rmx-Noise Factory-3rd Party
    (My fav tune off this label by far. “I bring you the Future!”)
    -The way Final Chapter-Taktix-Back 2 Basics 017 gold promo
    (Best ragga tune on the label in mint promo version)

    TUNES FOR SELL starting at 7 dollars up to 25 dollars (For multiple tunes Id be willing to sell the whole lot):
    Champion DJ-Top Cat-Lion 1x
    This is the year-General Malice-Big Cat
    Judgement-???-Congo Natty No sell out 001
    Rude Bwoy Dem-DJ Exodus-Tearin Vinyl promo
    African Lover-DJ Ron-Rough Tone 008

    Down in the Jungle-DB Hazard-Roar
    Babylon Pressure-IGI collective-Awesome
    Can We Change the Future-Code of Practice-Cert 18
    Rtype Rmx-Jo-Awesome
    Freeburning 001
    (Mash Dem Down VIP)
    Rumble in the Jungle Top Cat and Cutty Ranks discs
    The Way VIP-Taktix-Back 2 Basics 007 colorless vinyl
    Call the Police-Soundmurderer-Rewind
    Limb by Limb-Soundmurderer-Rewind
    Cool Operator-Da Dogz-Prime Time Wax
    Basslights-Aphroditie-Aphroditie promo 014
    Your Gonna Make Me-More Rockers-More Rockers
    ???-???-Intalective Records promo 24
    Champion of Champions/Stop Pushing-FOI-Kemet 11
    Ghetto Youth-Booyaka Crew-Sour 014 promo (mint)
    Mash Up the Place/Tigerstyle-DJ Hype-Ganja
    Sweet Vibrations rmxs-DMS and the BonemanX-Shure Shot
    Walk With Your Friends-Simpleton-Crunk
    Gangster-Time Square-Ibiza
    Everyman-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl
    Deeper Life-???-Back 2 Basics green vinyl promo
    Every Dog has its Day/Smile-Jay Cee-Ibiza
    ???-???IR 52 promo
    Lover Man/The Ride-Da Maytrix-Kute Kutz
    Time Stretch/Phyzical rmxs-VA-V Recordings
    License-Krome and Time-Tearin Vinyl
    ???-DJ Phantasy-Wax Works
    Storm/Calm-Jay Cee-Ibiza
    Final Chapta-Trace-DeeJay
    The Boss EP-Mind Therapy-E3
    River Nile-Prizna-KUS 10
    You’r Gonna Make Me-More Rockers-More Rockers
    Slam-General Malice-Big Cat
    Lighter rmxes-SS-Formation
    Mafia Man/Guns Don’t Argue-Radic-Pharoah Records
    Jungle Feeling-Harddrive-Jahmal Records
    ???-???-Headless promo 03
    Jungle Rmx-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper
    The Crowd Says Rewind rmx-C Bizz-Brain 28
    Jungle Heaven-Mindscape-Booby Trap
    Champion-Buju Banton-Jet Star white label
    Candy Man/Give em Lyrics-Street Tuff
    Self Belief-LJ High-Second Movement
    Spiritual Aura-DJ Rap-Deejay Recordings
    Jungle to Jungle EP-Mind Therapy-E Records
    Gangster Jungle-Cowboy Ranger-Greensleeves
    ???-DJ Hype-Ganja Records 002 promo
    Example EP-Direct 2 Metal-Street Tuff white label
    Feel the Magic-Noise Factory-3rd Party #6
    Jungle Cowboy and Western Style-Josey Wales-Greensleeves
    Hotter Junglematical Style-Red Rose-Greensleeves
    Dangerous/Warriors-DJ Ron-London Somethin
    Gal Wine Junglist Grind-Chakademus and Pliers-Greensleeves promo (with sleeve)
    Basslights-Aphroditie-Aphroditie promo
    Code Black/Word Sound Power/Rastaman-Conquering Lion-Mango promo
    Feel the Need-The Concrete Junglist-Lloydie Crucial
    Action-Terror Fabulous-Sam Records
    Loaded with Ganja/Murder Tune-Mind Therapy-E Records
    Assassin/Sensi-DJ Reflex-Dubtronix
    Sweetie/Ligher-Dream Team-Joker promo 03
    Heaven N Hell-The Slam Collective-SOUR
    Screwface rmxs-Brain Killers-3rd party
    Body Cant Done-AK 47-Deep and Dark
    Prophet of God-Adam F-Deep Jungle 002
    Deep in the Jungle/Lovely Feeling-Amazon-Aphroditie 8
    Champions-DJ K-N20
    Bass 2 Dark-Asylum-Metalheads
    Jungle Breeze-Jeep Head-Section 12
    You must think first rmx/Computerized Cops rmx-DJ Hype-Ganja
    World Mash Up/Jah Works-Undercover Agent-Suburban Base
    Down in the Ghetto-Bounty Killer-Greensleeves
    Jah Sunshine-X Project-Lion 005
    Code Red rmxs-Conquering Lion-Mango
    Mash Up Ya Know-Aladdin-Aphroditie
    Music is my Life/Fever-Original Vibes-Spinning Vinal
    Junglist Bandelero-Jah Murdah-Chopsticks 002 10 inch
    X Amount-DJ Sparks-Yaw Records
    Rude Boy Inna Jail-Tomba-Pufa 003
    Jungleistic Experience-Top Star-Mendoza
    Twilight Zone rmxs-Bab B Kane-Kickman
    Noise Gate-Noise Gate-Future Vinyl
    Wanted Dead or Alive-Dextrous-Subversive Records
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    still available?