Raptor's Den Various Artists Promo Mix! Including tracks from Spectra from UrbanFront

Hey all! Well just here to show you guys our hot and fresh off the "press" mix lolol. Enjoy everybody! This is the culminations of all of our efforts!!! Enjoy the journey Dj Wizards N Top Hatz takes you!


Oh and you may download this for free on our soundcloud! :)

Btw I can't use headphones with my mixer and traktor... total boner kill but i'm still using what I got to the best ability that I can! So some parts are off the beatmatch, but jesus lolol... im only human.. hahaha! All my love everyone! Enjoy!

My apologies here is the tracklisting!

1) Critical Tempo (Original Mix) - Meloki [@soundcloud.com/meloki]
2) Chicken, Rice, n Peaze (Original Mix) - Digital Skunk [@soundcloud.com/digitalskunk]
3) Fire Master (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
4) Psion (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
5) MindBend (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
6) Starflight (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz [@soundcloud.com/ssh-1]
7) The Formula (Original Mix) - Spectra DnB [@soundcloud.com/spectra-dnb]
8) Original Funk (Original Mix) - Aloysius
9) One (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
10) Raptor's Throne (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
11) Kung Fu (Original Mix) - Spectra DnB
12) Spiritual Change (Original Mix) - Meloki
13) Andromeda Program (Original Mix) - Wizards N Top Hatz
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