Raptors Den Records! Brand New Releases! And Coming Soon On CD!

Hey everybody! Well I've been gone for a while, because I truly feel that the forums have gotten quite laggy on the focus of subject matter based upon music, soul, and sound engineering into a bicker and battle over little personal details and who's right and who's wrong! Anyways It's all good, no worries here because Im back here to join in and take part again on the soul! Not focus on the little details all the time! Life is the big picture, and it is the little details that make up the big detail in the end, but still one should not really solely focus on mistakes and harbour them, and not let them go! :) Love you all! <3

Anyways here I'm back to show you all of our newest releases! I've since remade the website because the final idea of the first one wasn't really finished. Alot has grown in the past couple months! Thats for sure, and I am here to share with you all of that! We no longer carry digital music in our own store! We now carry CD's only! :D Of all of our music!

Here is our beatport! http://www.beatport.com/label/raptors-den-records/39513

Also Check out our newest CD Available for Pre Order In Our Store! https://soundcloud.com/king-raptor-records/sets/future-bass-volume-1-cdr01

Our Store is closing this coming monday on 3/24/14, So Make sure to get them pre orders in if you really love our new hit album Future Bass! It's one amazing set of tunes for Sure! Really elevating the Future of Bass to a whole new extent and well being!

We Also have some tunes here for listen for you all! :)

This whole album is one of my personal favorites! https://soundcloud.com/https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fking-raptor-records%2Fsets%2Fhigh-rollers-volume-1
A Really sick and free Neuro Hop mix, mixed by myself, Wizards N Top Hatz!

And to share my coming back to Dnbforum.com, here is one of my personal favourite tunes of all from our album Future Bass! https://soundcloud.com/https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fking-raptor-records%2Fcrash-original-mix-nimotek
And some Dubstep (Random Feelings EP by NJBZX)
Future Bass Comes out 4/20/14! :) Namaste, Peace, Love, Light, and One Love all and Everybody! <3
High Rollers Volume 1 Comes out 3/23!
And Random Feelings Comes 3/23 as well! Thanks everybody!
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