Rape Victim Posts YouTube Video, Asks For Help

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    Rape Victim Posts YouTube Video, Asks For Help



    While posting a video on YouTube asking citizens of the world to help in your rape case may not seem like the most prudent course of action (revealing your face, name, location and IP address was a bad call), especially when all types of services are available for rape victims that know how to deal with these situations professionally, it raises some questions.

    First, she keeps repeating that she’s “looked down on” because she has “lived in poverty her whole life,” but the video quality of her post is pretty damn good, so that seems suspicious. But she could be recording it at a friend’s house, or was helped by someone with a good webcam and computer who’s sympathetic to her predicament. So anything could be going on there.

    Plus, as any of you who are or have been poor (or watched the news after Katrina hit New Orleans) know all too well, the government and the law definitely treat you worse if you don’t have enough money to pay for expensive lawyers or make their lives miserable in some way. Poor people do get sh*t on. Growing up in Appalachia, I saw it happen too many times.

    The only other aspect that makes some suspicious is that the girl is pretty, and people don’t believe bad things happen to pretty people. Instead, people assume that the girl was drunk or high or just being a teenage girl, and lured the guy in, only to cry rape after she regretted her teenage stupidity.

    That may be true. It may not. But those tears are real. Until I find out she’s an actress and this is some twisted version of LonelyGirl15, I’m going to assume she’s telling the truth.

    If you believe her too, here’s more information, so you can help:

    Florida Governor’s Asst. Mary Pullian 850-488-4441
    Florida State Attorney. Nicole Peques 407-836-2402
    Florida State Attorneys main office. 407-836-2400

    [Thanks to ValleyWag.com for pointing this one out.]
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