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we had an email from our extremely excellent UBS president today. our uni is highly populated with 'minority' groups. the email reads.....

Dear Student,

I hope you had a good Christmas break, and that you have managed to catch up with all your studies for this year.

I would like to let you know that the UBS is positively promoting participation for all from diverse backgrounds, age, countries, culture, religion, and gender (this list is not exhaustive) in all areas within the UBS. The UBS is a democratic organisation, which is driven and directed by its membership and we do not intend to or want to focus on specific groups to become elected officers of the UBS. We are not allowed to anyway, because of the UBS Constitution, to ensure we in the UBS are fair to you all at all times.

We have received complaints that the UBS is a "white-orientated" organisation focusing on "white groups"; I would absolutely and totally refute with this. This is very wrong and I would like to reiterate the fact (this list is non-exhaustive) that we welcome students from all backgrounds, culture, religion and gender.

If you feel you can make a difference to all types of students, don't sit there complaining. Get out, get yourself elected as:

Vice-President (Sport and Societies, Services and Marketing or Education and Welfare)

Executive Officer (Sports, Societies, Education and Welfare, Services and Marketing or Equality and Diversity)

President of the UBS

And make a difference!

If you would like to find out more about the Election this year, please feel free to come into the UBS and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Kind regards,

god knows who complained but seriously i do not know anyone who would vote for the 'colour' of the person

grrr just annoys me. there is lots of race issues here i just wish people wouldn't categorise people. it shouldn't matter about what they look like just how they do the job. our current president is deaf and he is absolutely brilliant at the job no matter what he looks or acts like............:soap_box:


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Clapples said:
university of brunel students:pat:
or the union of brunel students perhaps?

The Vital Role of the Students' Union
The Union of Brunel Students (UBS) represents the interests of all students at Brunel. It boasts a wide range of amenities and services and is organised by an elected group of students and full-time professional staff. You will almost certainly make use of some, if not all, of the services provided and may like to get right to the heart of the organisation by becoming involved in its day to day running. The social hub The Union is the social centre of all the campuses. With the Union you can "get physical" with all the sports clubs, relax in the friendly atmosphere of the bars or enjoy good quality food. There is live entertainment - bands, comics, cabaret acts, discos - on a regular basis. All of these services are provided for Brunel students at substantially lower prices than local alternatives. The Union also produces a free fortnightly magazine, Route 66, and, on the Uxbridge campus, runs its very own radio station - B1000.
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