Ransom@Enigma (07/02/03)


Apr 14, 2002
Tonight was the launch of Ransom's new monthly night @Enigma.

Doors opened at 10:00 and first up on the decks was the orginal Ransom resident DJ Access. Versatility was the name of the game and Access warmed up nicely with some old and new liquid beats such as Photek - The End, D Kay + DJ Lee - Touch and J Majik - Share The Blame. With the floor filling up nicely and the ladies swaying their asses a few harder and bouncier cuts were dropped such as SS - Those DJ's (Hazzard Rmx) and Twisted Individual - Rusty Sherrifs Badge. Access' featured 2hr set was cut short by the news that Bryan Gee would be unable to make it on the night and was due to be replaced by Donovan Smith.

Donovan took to the decks in his usual trademark style with tight and adventurous mixing, dropping bouncy beats and breaks to keep the crowd bubblin and continuing the vibe that Access left off with. Donovan is a veteran that has been on the circuit for many years and he certainly knows how to please a crowd. Tracks featured in his set included Q Project - Smelly Fingers (Twisted Individual Rmx), Bad Company - Hornet and Dillinja - How Dare You. With the highly talented MC Dread in full flow Donovan caused mayhem on the dancefloor and his last tune signalled the arrival of the Undiluted DJ Brockie alongside the MC Dett...

Brockie began his set with an unknown tune that sounded typically Undiluted and according to the man himself the, releases are set to be flying into the shops, with the eagerly awaited Sleeping Giant set to touch down in around a month or two. With the dancfloor fever at boiling point Brockie and Dett moved the crowd in typical style with jump up bass and sing along lyrics that went down a treat. New and old tunes were played such as Bad Company - Nitrous (Dillinja Rmx) and Brockie - Echo Box. The pair were on top form and as Brockie played his last Swift + Fresh - Play Me (forthcoming on the next Charge LP) up stepped Incision main man DJ Terminal to educate the heads with his trademark style.

Terminal started of with an unknown track with a pounding bassline that had both myself and the crowd bouncing around like nobodys bizness, quickly mixing in the new Total Science - Squash (Bad Company Rmx). More Oxford stlye breaks were to follow showcasing new material from the Timeless Recordings Group and finishing off his set Terminal played the mighty Q Project - Smelly Fingers (Twisted Individual Rmx) forthcoming on Crash Recordings.

Next up returning to the decks for his second installment of the night was Access. Quickly mixing in the Bad Company remix of Mo Fire this set was to be all about pounding beats and punishing bass. With rewinds a plenty and tracks such as Distorted Minds - T Minus 10, Alpha Omega - Feedback and J Majik - No Badness. MC Dread kept the crowd lively with his trademark chatting style, dropping familiar lyrics to the appreciative local following that he has built up through many years of hard work in the scene. Access drew Dillinja - How Dare You as his last tune and gave it the proper rewind treatment as the crowd went crazy.

A good night it seems was had by all, marred only by the absence of new resident Bryan Gee who will be playing at the next two nights. It may have taken a lot of running around up until opening time preparing things at the new club but all crew agreed that it was worth it. The crowd went home happy with free CD's at the end of the night and thats what its all about. Peace to all those that attended, Russ, Steve, Donovan, John, Mikael, Rich, Bryan and the Dirt Sound System Crew, Incision Crew, Omnipresence Crew, Chemical Records Crew and all others representing. EZ

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