Ransom @ Brunel Rooms, Swindon (9/8/02)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Ransom @ The Brunel Rooms, Swindon (9/8/2002)

Continuing my weekend of hard raving, we tonight reached the Brunel Rooms to witness Ransom's punishing launch party, and with a line-up consisting of Fabio, Grooverider, High Contrast and many more, you certainly cant go wrong!
Incision's Dj Terminal was on warm-up duties as we entered the main room, showing off fresh new pieces such as the 'Deadline' vip and the inspiring 'Barcelona' (jammy cunt!). Tight mixing and a deep, varied selection made this an enjoyable first set, and by the time it came down to the last tune, Danny C's 'The Mexican', Zinc could be seen sorting through his box in the Dj booth.
Now Zinc would probably have to be my Dj of 2002, purely for the fact Ive yet to hear him play a dull set - he has it all, from the exciting new dubs, seamless mixes as well as some classics from days gone by, making them sound as fresh as ever alongside todays anthems. Opening up with the obligatory vocal mix of his own '3 Note', Zinc instantly mixed in the superb Twisted Individual mix of 'Tell Me' - my favourite tune at the moment! And it carried on like this for the next hour! By this time, the impressive and incredibly friendly Mc Drop had arrived and was causing lyrical devastation, with all the little Swindon MC-wannabes staring at him with their tongues hanging out of their mouths!!! But anyway, on with the set. 'Back For More', 'Start The Fire' and his firing remix of Menta's 'Sound of da future' kept the dancefloor massive bubblin' until the very last tune, when Mr Skibadee put in an appearance. Anyone whose seen him live will know the sort of reaction he gets wherever he goes, and tonight, kitted out in a fetching one-piece jump suit, he smashed it!
Up next was the godfather Fabio. Standing tall in the Dj booth, he started off with the follow up to 'Shake It', 'Feelin U' with its harmonic flutes and pipes leading the way into a fucky summery vocal. The raving crew couldnt get enough of it! Soon after came Carlito & Addiction's 'Such A Feeling', soon to be released on Fabio's own Creative Source imprint. The first time I heard this was May 2001, when Zinc dropped it in Room 2 at Helter Skelter at about 6 in the morning, and it still stirs exactly the same feelings it did back then! A stunning tune! Anyway, Fabio's funky liquid style made a nice change, and when he pulled out tunes like '3 AM' and the vocal mix of 'LK' the crowd reaction was almost deafening! Also, check the video archives coming soon on the Chemical site, to see Fabio gurning like a champion!
Stepping up next was Fab's partner in crime, the great Grooverider, however, I took this as my opportunity to make a quick trip downstairs and just as well I did cos geeky little Welshman High Contrast was just starting his set! Funnily enough, for the first 15 minutes of his set, both Mc's were calling him DJ SE, until he politely pointed out to them who he actually was. Funny as fuck - they both looked (and must have felt) fucking stupid when they realised! Obviously a lot of his own tunes featured in his set, such as the brilliant 'Global Love', as well as some of the anthems of today like 'Barcelona' and the 'Thugged Out Bitch' vip. Highlight of the set for me would have to be my first time hearing of Klutes remix of 'Return of Forever' - all I can say is he has done the original proud! Far less obnoxious than the John B mix anyway.
Making my way back upstairs, I managed to catch the last few minutes of the Riders set, and as I expected, dubs featured heavily! Skiba had made his exit by now, and MC's Dread and Drop were hyping the crowd, and by the time it came down to the last tune of 'Twist em Out', everyone was ready for the BC sound!
Poor little Vegas came along on his own this time, and although looking frail and small in the DJ booth, it certainly didnt affect his set! I wasnt expecting too much from BC as ive seen and heard some remarkably awful sets from them, but tonight was fortunately an exception! Many of their own dubs such as 'Elm Street' and 'Snowcats' sat nicely alongside other dancefloor cainers like the 'Squash' vip and the truly grimy 'New Generation' by Sonic & J Majik.
Unfortunately, lack of sleep was catching up with me by this point, so we made our excuses to all concerned parties and slipped out into the cool night air, just as Donovan Smith was gracing the 1210's. However, I truly believe this was one of the best nights to grace the Brunel, re-capturing the vibe of the old One Nation nights they held there (before they got shit!) when every event was roadblock, and if they carry on putting on nights like this, the Ransom crew have got a bright future ahead of them (especially if a certain rumour I heard is true!)!

Shouts to Terminal, Poison, Access, Sniper, Sinner-g, Jo and the Viper!
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