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Still need many more mc's to enter the competition!!..

Keep them coming!!8)

Are you a DJ / MC looking to get a chance to play on the big stage..?
We have decided to launch a new concept, …..
RANDOM CONCEPT RAW - This will be a competition for all of those budding
artists of the future to get the chance to perform live at the next RANDOM
CONCEPT event on the main stage 11-12 slot just like any other headlining
We are looking for 7 DJ’s & 7 MC’s to qualify for the second arena at the
super club AIR in Birmingham where RANDOM CONCEPT will be teaming up with
the mighty VALVE SOUND...NOVEMBER 10th.
To enter this heat you must not have performed at any major event and
had at least 3 bookings this year to date.. so this means if you are already
starting out as a DJ / MC and have some level of talent this is your chance
to shine and get to the big stage! We only need RAW new talent, not newly
established artists.
The winning entries will be contacted then put into a hat and randomly
paired with MC / DJ (do remember to place contact number on entries!!)
Then the same process again to establish what set time you will be given.
This will show that the artists can perform at any given set time and show
their performance versatility (playing a warm-up set is a skill in itself).
The lucky 14 artists will be judged by Sarah from Drum&Bass Arena on the
night and contacted after the event. Only 1 DJ and 1 MC will go through to
play at the next event on the main stage.

DJ’s: Simply produce a 45-minute set on CD (no computer tricks!!)
MC’s: 45-minute set also on CD
(DJ’s & MC’s can enter as a pair but please state this on entry. Be aware
also that you will be split up prior to the event and will be judged
separately on your individual skills.)

Information regarding this special competition can be found at:
www.randomconcept.com or www.myspace.com/djgarryk
Closing date is the 1st of November 2006. Good luck!!!

Send entries to ; RANDOMCONCEPT COMP.
PO BOX 6466
NN12 8YW

BUMPING this for those that might miss it....Im trying to get out to those also that don't get much chance to get on the net so if anyone out there is doing radio shows please hit me up so i can get this message out to those future artists that are looking for a chance to shine.

Thanks for your support.
www.myspace.com/djgarryk :shit_happENS
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