Ram @ the End - Freshs Ep launch last fri

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
Did anyone make it to the End on friday nite?

This was absolute roadblock - :slayer:
Moving Fusion - on a intense,weird breakbeat-tip – blazing!
Shimon- Missed, due to H-e-a-v-y queue :cry:
Red One – absolutly firing on all cylinders
Fresh - crushed me like some rice cakes (yes - he did play ska though!!)
Andy C - Long live the king - heads were rolling left, right, an centre!
Hype - Wack! i couldnt believe my lil ears, all his new stuff, but went nowhere!:sleep:
Randall - Missed, due to H-e-a-v-y queue :cry:
Mampi swift – The don of double dropping, Smashin it:smash:

If you aint ever been, this aint your usual nite -
each dj switched it up like i aint heard before, it wasnt all the usual dancefloor smashers,
more of a showcase of styles.

:thumbsup: get to the next one!
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