DnB RAM style remix I could do with feedback on please? : )


Feb 9, 2013
This tracks got loads of potential. The sounds themselves are all spot on other than the drums for me. Sort that kick, snare and percussion out and this will be a winner. I'd say add more percussive layers to flesh that out a bit and give it some more high end shine.
The low end is very solid for me, I like it. It's got good weight to it
btw that bass is top stuff, really nice sound on that. Ive been wondering how to make this sort of thing myself!

Adam aka Circuits

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Nov 17, 2015
Ha.. Cheers man!!! I thought the drums were one of the best bits.. I was going for those big bad Chase N Status/Pendulum/Benny Page style dancefloor drums!!! I'm pleased you like the bass.. it's just a square really low with a little LFO and I've split it across three tracks and compressed and limited the low Mid and Hi independently with some shaping of frequencies and adjusted volumes to suite, I think I put an autopan on the really hi layer to give it some extra movement!!!


The house guy
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May 27, 2013
I'm with blend107. Get that snare smacking through and a bit of sparkle on the high end and you've got a good sounding track. Not my style personally, but it sounds good :)


DnBF Sheriff
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Sep 13, 2010
Lol, it does sound like a ram track. Personally I think that is a good thing. It sounds good to me. I think that the vocals could slightly be more present. I love the drums. The bass is sick and the variety is refreshing. I think you need to polish up your mix, not that it is bad just that it could be better.


Mew Nember
Feb 25, 2015
I gotta agree with IV4, it does sound like a ram track, wouldn't listen to it twice... Jk ram is life.

I'm actually really liking this tune. Bass is solid and the other elements are great too. If I was being picky I'd say most things would benefit from a smidge more top end. But I wouldn't touch the bass.


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Nov 9, 2015
The drums sound good but I think they definitely need some more top end on them. You could maybe add a small amount of reverb to the snare as well and see how the tail of that comes out. One thing I quite often do is bus all the drums and then add a parallel channel with loads of distortion and compression on there and then mix that in. I find it can really beef up the drums sometimes. Here I think the main issue is just the high end though, boost that and they will stand out so much more.

And personally, I think the bass needs more modulation and maybe just ruffen up that top layer of it. It sounds a bit to much like just a standard wave form to me.

Other than that mate I think it is sounding pretty sick and you could be onto a winner
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