Ram matter 7th August THE NEW LINEUP

big things. ive managed to be at every Ram so far just because ive been working there for the past 5 or so months and everyone knows the atmosphere cannot be topped!

however, i went to see Valve at the indigo2 few weeks back and i know the next one is in august around the same time as Ram.

i feel people should consider wisely between the two events..

imagain if the two collaborated...?
I think I might make it down for this one. Should be pretty sweet. I am prob on my own here but I am feeling EZ in the second room. Will break the night up a bit.
thats what i was thinking, or a bunch of cuts at the arches

the lineup is a massive improvement on what was on the flyer, still dont think i'll be reaching

Hardware and Bunch of Cuts are ridiculous lineups, im just away so think im gonna have to head down ram.

Aint been since the End either, so thatll be interesting.
I eat my words, looking alot better now, whos up 4 it?

Room 1
Andy C (2 Hours)
Sub Focus
Chase and Status
Goldie B2B Break
Xample B2B Lomax
Culture Shock B2B Brookes Brothers
Red One
MC’s GQ, Dynamite, Fats & IC3

Room 2
Oris Jay
Coki (DMZ)
Icicle b2b Nymfo
One Man

Wish i still lived in London :( :(
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