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    To listen to my entry, go to http://i.mixcloud.com/CDM3Ex

    The winner will be given the opportunity to play a one hour warm up set on 1st November at Brixton Academy at the biggest Drum n Bass night the city of London has to offer this year!

    They are looking for a DJ that understands the skill of a warm up set, setting the tone for the headliners, and not someone that’s going to play party bangers from the offset, as the winner will be the first DJ on. This made it quite a difficult selection for me, I went with a Liquid set!

    The mix was done using 2 x Technics SL1200 turntables, 1 x Denon DN-S3700 CD deck and a Vestax PCV 275 mixer.

    The mixes will be judged by plays, feedback, track selection & technical ability. Please help me to promote this set by sharing through Facebook etc :)

    The competition ends 31st August 2013. For full information, go to http://www.mixcloud.com/competitions/ram-brixton-mix-competition/