Raindance @ Seone [13.12.2oo8] Open Musical Mind Required!!


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Nov 14, 2008
...Raindance's Christmas Gift...


Due to overwhelming popular demand, the 'Slightly Early Xmas Snow-Ball' comes to SeOne on Saturday 13th December. At just £15 this is our Xmas payback for all you loyal Raindancers!

A chance for all those of you who want to avoid the traditional NYE wallet draining on the 31st to still have a knees up in the name of our lord, Santa! It'll be a night of Christmas Rave Classix and underground festive anthems, everything you'd always expect from the rave festival, but at a fraction of the price!

Tickets available now from http://www.ticketbank.co.uk - 01702 306293

Old Skool Arena

The Whole Old Skool Spectrum - Open Musical Mind Required!
Sqirrel b2b Skie, Danny C, G-Magical, Nicky Blackmarket, Billy Daniel Bunter, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Devious D, Isotonik Cru

Hosted by Moose, 5 Alive & Ice

The Magic Hardcore Raveabout

Hardcore In All Its Various Forms – New And Old
RAF, Insane & Min (Classic HOH set), HB & Ponder (Classic Raindance set), Sc@r & Uplift (Classic Raw Elements set), Compulsion (last ever set in the UK!!!), Wonter (Polands no. 1), Billy Daniel Bunter, Ham, The Vibes & Livelee Show

Jenkins Lane / Can U Feel It / Pussina

Classix Mash Up - Breaks / 89-90 / House / ElectroDave Minns, Nikki Dimensions, Mofo, Mr Arkoss, Apply The Breaks, Filth Monkeys, Alex Hero, Billy Buntersaurus, Joey G

Mad Hatters Hard House Party

For All The Different Strands Of The Hard House Family
Beanie, Elvis, Tony Roberts, Strange Dave b2b Livewire (Classic B2t set), D4rk (Classic Hard Style set), Double G, Carl Nicolson, Billy Daniel Bunter, Nicky D

I just been invited to this....dono if I will be going...any one think it looks intrestin? :respekt:
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