Raiden - Mix for DOA (Oktober 2008)


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Apr 18, 2007
hamburg city / Germany

Whitehouse ''Cut Hands Has The Solution'' (Susan Lawly)
Pyro & Azel ''Get On It'' (Offkey)
Surgeon ''Whos Bad Hands'' (Raiden Bootleg)
Histibe ''Inside'' (OffKey)
Jeff Mills ''Cloak'' (Axis)
Monolake ''Whos Bad Hands Are These Part 2'' (DTR)
Propaganda ''Bear Wittness'' (Obscene)
Raiden ''Can't Be Myself'' (Unsigned)
Dying Punks & Current Value ''Love All The People'' (OffKey)
Vicious Circle ''Havana'' (Digital Soundboy)
Jeff Mills ''Belief System'' (Axis)
Digital & Spirit ''Phantom Force'' (Phantom Audio)
Jeff Mills ''Blue Print'' (Tresor)
Raiden & Cooh ''Missed'' (Unsigned)
Raiden ''Another Dead Hero'' (Cymbalism)
Raiden ''LHC'' (Renegade Hardware)
AFX dub ''Untitled'' (Contrarotative)
Jeff Mills ''Actaul 8'' (Raiden Bootleg)
Vex'd ''Lion VIP'' (Raiden Bootleg)
Raiden & The Sect ''Leffe'' (Architechure)
Verb Bleeps
Raiden ''Peloton'' (Position Chrome)
Loxy & Resound ''Civil War'' (Horizons)
Autechre ''Glitch'' (Sony)
Gremlinz ''Frankie Gunns'' (Renegade Hardware)
Raiden ''Baptism of Fire'' (OffKey)
Jeff Mills ''Actaul 7'' (Axis)
Curve ''Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)''
Ã?? ''Atomit'' (Pi)
Dying Punks & Current Value ''Agent Of Evolution'' (OffKey)
Nitzer Ebb ''Join The Chant'' (Mute)
Raiden ''Sputnik (High Rankin Remix)'' (OffKey)
Whitehouse ''Dumping The Fucking Rubbish'' (Susan Lawly
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