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Oct 20, 2008

The last 12 months have been an eventful few for all involved at BAR. With a number of releases from the likes of Genotype, Mindmapper, Skeptical to name a few, the launch of a free bi monthly event in Luton and the successful release of the highly anticipated "Raise the BAR LP".
So we have arranged a podcast this month as a present from all the Broken Audio family to show our appreciation for all your continued support.
The artist that has kindly taken time out of his hectic schedule to roll out this podcast for us to appreciate is none other than Offkey and Voodoo's governor general......Raiden He was originally from the UK but has been residing in the humble surroundings of Talinn in Estonia These quaint and tranquil surroundings have enabled Chris(Raiden) to focus all his efforts on his dream and long time love of drums & bass and more recently Bongo's!!! Developing his own unique style for many years now. Incorporating techno,old school funk, south american bongo drumming with raw breaks, huge gutt wrenching basslines and chilling atmospherics to create the trademark sound that is Raiden.

RAIDEN – Broken Audio Podcast Vol 20

1. Qba - Night of the Lion (Unsigned)
2. Anile & Dakosa - Code Of Conduct
3. Genotype - A Mad Kinda Something (Ammo)
4. C-Sonix - Logans Run (Unsigned)
5. Raiden - Génie Civil (OffKey)
6. Meth - Scatter (Broken Audio)
7. Mr Foul - Rude Boy Town EDITED (Unsigned)
8. Ink & BTK - Reptile (Renegade Hardware)
9. Hunch - Second to None (Unsigned)
10. Optiv & BTK - Backlash (Virus)
11. Genotype - Ragz Sket Beat (Backlash)
12. Raiden & Outrage - Tornado (Temah)
13. Fade & Codex - Disgusting (Unsigned)
14. Spirit - Three In One - Need for Mirrors rmx (Inneractive)
15. Amenizm & John Rolodex - Conviction (Machinist)
16. Morphy & Ges E - 27 Million (Voodoo)
17. Stray & Halogen - Rude Industry (??)
18. BTK - Drop It (Unsigned)
19. Raiden - Tricorn (Offkey)
20. S.I.N & Mutated Forms - Right Now (Unsigned)
21. Dakosa - Blood Moon (Different Music)
22. Raiden - Bogotá (Voodoo)
23. Digital, Raiden & Outrage - Trash Humpers (Temah)
24. Stray - Timbre VIP (Critical)
25. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke (Mototown)
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Don’t forget the TEMAH Night Part 2 (FREE EVENT) on Sunday 30th January @ Plan B, London

TeMaH + Tech:nology Present + D&TV Broadcat

Total Science
Fierce + Jubei
Raiden + Outrage
Meth + Vicious Circle
Genotype + Phil Source
Skeptical + DBR UK

MC's 2SHY, Lowqui, Havok

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Temah -

Broken Audio are proud to present their debut album 'Raise The Bar LP' made up of 19 tracks.
With many delays and set backs along the way Broken Audio are proud to finally have this released and would like to say a very big thank you to all the artists & everyone involved with the label and not forgetting our followers, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Broken Audio
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