Drum & Bass Raiden, Arclight, Fearful, Wreckless - Out Today on AutomAte Tech!


Seasoned veteran Raiden joins rising stars Philth, Wreckless & Arclight on AutomAte. This will put ants in your pants, no doubt about it.

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Philth is addicted to music; it is his breath and his lifeblood. A music teacher by day and DJ/producer by night, a more driven man you will not find. Teamed up with regular cohort Wreckless, there is a very real emotion and a level of human connection that shines through their particular brand of distorted filth & saturated breakbeats.

Arclight is a producer with a love for deep, sci-fi soundscapes and twisted bass. Whilst exploring a wide range of styles, his music always has at its core a richness and depth that yields a new discovery or different perspective on every listen.

Veteran Raiden needs no introduction. Every piece of music he releases bursts at the seams with personality and that most important of ingredients: vibe. This remix is no exception. Listeners will be hooked by the killer groove and huge 808 sub but it is the layers of subtle detail hidden in the depths that will keep them coming back for more.

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