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Raggatek Recordings

This side
Mainframe [Simple Form Records, Raggatek Recordings]

That side
Canoe [Raggatek Recordings, Burke St. Records]
Subflo [Hustlin' Beats]
'Rudeboy Shuffle'

>>>Introducing RaggaTek Records....

"This Side" - "Hyper" (Side A) Features a cut by Mainframe, of Jungle Riddim Records and co-owner of Simple Form Records. This Stevie "Hyper" D tribute is no run-of-the-mill remix you may have heard in the past, it is a new vision and take on the intensity that Stevie "Hyper" D would bring to the party. Mainframe has captured the energy and drive this man had by creating a tune that has a "live" feel to it, with actual live samples from the man, Hyper D, himself. With pounding amens, intense techno-based samples, and a mind shattering, ground shaking, grinding reese, this track is a guaranteed dancefloor smasher.

"That Side" - "Rudeboy Shuffle" (Side B) A collaboration between dj/ producer Canoe(raggatek,burke st,simple form) and Subflo(hustlin beats). A tune that definitely bridges the gap between Tech Step, Reggae and Ragga Jungle. This innovative tune rolls out with a nice melodic vibe coupled with tough amens and deep, warm, sub bass. Reggae/Ska/Dancehall samples give it an edge that not many producers have captured. A definite must have for any lovers of "roller" tunes and also very dance floor friendly.

Contact: canoe134@gmail.com or djmainframe@gmail.com for orders and info, thanks and balance...