Drum & Bass Ragga mix

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    Hey all,
    a ragga dnb mix i made a while back

    What a Bam Bam

    1. Dasque and Digimarc- Jagged Jah
    2. DJ Deekline & Ed Solo- Wadodem
    3. Cyantific- 88 mph
    4. Aries/ Murda- Ganja Farmer
    5. Kenny Ken- Everyman (Benny Page remix)
    6. Flare- Jamrock
    7. Marcus Visionary- Jahovia
    8. M.I.S.T- Clockwork (ft. DRS)
    9. Break- Positive/negative
    10. Taxman- Original Ninja (VIP)
    11. Jaydan- Original Rudeboy
    12. Total Science- Redlines (Break remix)
    13. Dubrock- Natty dread (dub mix)
    14. DJ Deekline & Ed Solo- Bam Bam (drum n' bass mix)
    15. The Wildlife Collective- No, No, No (you don't love me)
    16. Aries/ Murda- One of the days
    17. Marcus Visionary- Sound war (ft. Bunny General- original vocal remix)
    18. The Wildlife Collective- I Need a Dollar
    19. Komatic, Technicolour- Skyline Boulevard
    20. Feelings & T Power- Feelings
    21. Jamaican Boy- Serial Killaz
    22. Top Cat- Over U Body (Marcus Visionary mix)