Ragga-Jungle Tour - Debaser & U-Ome

Summer is almost upon us and plans are in the mix!

Debaser, Toronto's number 1 Ragga DJ and owner of the new school ragga labels Press Up, New Lick and Jungle Royale, is teaming up with one of the US's hottest jungle talents, U-Ome and his X13 label, to hit the road and bring their oldschool jungle vibes with them!

Armed with a truckload of cantankerous dubplates and beginning in June/05, U-Ome and Debaser will kick off their worldwide jungle tour, dropping roughneck beats all the way from sunny LA to bustling New York City before they cross land and sea to kick down clubs and raves on the other side of the Atlantic!

Now when we say armed, of course what we mean is these two will carry in their boxes an arsenal of the newest, freshest, unreleased dubplates, as well as acetate from other top producers worldwide!

Debaser & U-Ome, two of the biggest names in new school ragga jungle, will be touching down in a city near you! Their record boxes are deep, their skills behind the 1s and 2s are sharper than a razor, and their passion and knowledge for music and ragga jungle is unparalelled. This is a tour not to be missed on either side of the pond...

Dates available, please contact for more information:

email: pressuprecords@rogers.com
phone: (519) 589-4790


Albert started on his musical path back when he got his first tape ever, Black Sheep "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". This led him to be an avid Hip-Hop fan for life. It wasn't until 1993 that a friend of his introduced him into what was then the early Hardcore Breakbeat scene. This techno music was something so new, but had the familiar breaks of Hip-Hop in it that he instantly loved it. It wasn't until 1995 that he heard a Drum and Bass remix of one of the hardcore songs that he instantly got chills up his spine and knew what he was going to do. Jungle music back then was so fresh and new that he had to find out more about it. So, he decided to start buying a sampler and drum machine in late 1997 and try and figure out how to make those crazy sounds. Unfortunately, he had to take a hiatus from 1997 up until 1999 on music production do to certain consequences during his teenage years. In 1999, He moved back out to Los Angeles where he was originally from. Here, he fell back in love with Jungle music. It was here where he met his friend Gio that got him into being a DJ. Albert never thought of DJing, just the production side of things, but buying vinyl had already been a hobby of his. So, he worked in the lab up until 2002 and was now ready to DJ out for live audiences. By now, he had relocated out to Phoenix, Arizona. His mixing reflects onto his production. He try's to make more SONGS rather than just the same beat and sounds throughout the whole track. His songs are stories; you have to listen to the whole thing to get the picture. With very unique sounds, this man is ready to blow up for the coming years. Look out for his upcoming releases on X13 and other labels.

Debaser has immersed himself in a life of ragga-jungle, for years he has been deejaying internationally as well as producing for his home grown labels Press Up, New Lick, Jungle Royale and a number of international labels including Crime Wave LTD (France) and Trinity Don (NYC) among others. Debaser has spent the past 4 years in and out of the studio, working with some of the most well known names in reggae and jungle. Over that time he has amassed a crate of hard hitting dubplates that have been caned by top jungle djs worldwide. Debaser brings his top secret dubplate specials and jungle niceness to mash up the dance everytime.