Ragga Jungle/Old School for sell!!!

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    Ragga Jungle/Old School for sell!!! Dont PM me here, send me a email:

    TUNES FOR SELL (so offer me):

    -Blackstar LP-VA-Congo Natty
    -Crazy Bad Bwoys-???-SUB 001
    -Lets Get Ready-???-IQ Records 012
    -Promised Land-Dubtronix-Dubtronix abcd1
    -Me a Danger/Fires Burning/Raise Yourself/Cut Dem Down-Stepper D-Goldseal 008
    -The Herb mixes-???-Knite Force 015r
    -Back in the Dayz-???-Jungle Mania
    -Murder Dem-Ninja Man-Street Tuff
    (Nuff Said)
    -Jungle Buddah ep-Jungle Buddah-Poetic Justice
    -A Big Bloodclot-???-AST 001
    -Don’t Diss/Run Riddim-Sherlock Dreadlock-Slam Records
    -???-???-UTR 001
    -Tour-Capelton-Jet Star white label
    -Come fe Nice It Up/As We Enter/Double Crisp-Just Jungle-Trouble On Vinyl
    -Jungle Rock/Original Gangster-Jungle Bros-Inner City Dance 003
    -Jungle Warrior EP-Jungle Warrior-Aim 2 Pleeze
    -Finely Tuned EP/Body Tune Up rmx/Girls Dem Fresh/R Girl-FT 2-Flying Fish 004
    -Action Man-Joe 90-Elm in the Jungle
    -Right Sound-Latimore-Pure Vibe 002
    -Bad Boy Rhythm-Studio II-Redskins
    -Murder Them/Champion Sound-Underworld-Fist 2 Fist 001
    -Surround Sound Vol 1-DJ Rescue-10 inch white label
    -Informer/Hold Up-Tarzan-Running Records
    -Bad Boy-Only Play By Bad Boy-Bad Boy 10 inch
    -Hot Pepper Jungle-Jungle Dread-Jet Star white label
    -???-???-Jungle Records 001
    -Rebel Without Applause/Champion-Tax Dodgers-Jet Star wl
    -The way Final Chapter-Taktix-Back 2 Basics 017 gold promo
    -Gonna Be/Warriors Theme/Jungle Bossa Nova/Mother-VA-NY Jungle EP Smile
    -Satisfied-RAW-Assassins 002
    -Gangster/Sellassie-Trintiy-Philly Blunt test press
    -No Surrender-Jungle Warrior-Strictly Underground
    -Roots Rock Reggae/Fire-???-Redlight 003
    -The Cure-Collision 2-Chansions Records 002
    -Timeclash/Obsession-Cleanhead-Ruffian 002 promo
    -???-???-Prime Time Wax 003 (rare mash up)
    -Monster/Money Talk/A We Run Tings-Kut D-Q Dance 002
    -Nuh Ease Up/Nasty-Shy Fx-Simple Tings
    -Too Right-???-Gfource 953
    -Bazooka-Dollar Don- DP 010
    -Sensi/Get Up-Professor T-Redlight 005
    -Look Good Gal-DYI Crew-Jet Star wl
    -Dubplate/Who Run Tings-Shy Fx-Simple Tings
    -Operation Tek Him/Everything rmx-De Good De Bad De Ugly-Eezee Records 01
    -???-???-wwr1001 (very rare 1993 jungle)
    -Lord Have Mercy-Jay Parks-Pin High 002
    -Red Like Blood-Shake-Awesome Records 27
    -Highly Recommended LP-DJ SS-Formation
    -Somebody-Godfather-Redlight 008
    -Selectors Roll-Dextrous-Riddim Track 002
    -Wicked In a Bed-Shabba Ranks-Street Tuff
    -Squeeze/Magnificent-Dj Vern-Tearin Vinyl
    -Brock Out/London Talk-Krome Time-Tearin Vinyl
    -Jump and Dance-DJ Stretch-wl

    TUNES FOR SELL starting at 7 dollars up to 20 dollars
    -Pulp Fiction-DJ Flash-Urban Gorilla 001
    -Run From De Soundclash/Essence-Formula 7-Quayside
    -Goes Around-Andy C-Ram
    -Heat rmxs-Lewi Cifer-Red Eye 003
    -Warning-Firefox-Philly Blunt
    -Bass Too Dark-Asylum-Metalheadz
    -New Dawn-The X-Jump Up 001
    -Hearing is Believing-DJ SS-Formation
    -Hearing is Believing rmx-DJ SS-Formation
    -Beat Booyaa rmx-Aphroditie-Aphroditie
    -Deep Cover EP-The Guyver-Reinforced
    -Guntalk-Redrose and Rebel-Greensleeves
    -Murderous Style/Jump-DJ Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 001
    -Dread at the Controls-Just Us-Phat Trax
    -Got the Funk/De Squad Lick-Bruck Wild-Jet Star white label
    -The Rinser/Stop Lick the Crack-DJ FT-Flying Fish
    -String Dem Up-Cutty Ranks-Street Tuff st4
    -Body Tune Up/Gonna Make a Chance-FT-Flying Fish
    -Inah Sound/Outa Sound/King David Dub-X Project-X Project 002
    -Lion of Judah-X Project-X Project 003
    -De-Little Rollers vol 3ep In Space-Special K-Mad Man 001
    -Legend-DJ Matt-King of the Jungle
    -Jungle Tempo-Red Rose-Greensleeves
    -Everyman-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl 011
    Kunta/Wanted-Blackman-Shut up and Dance
    Twilight Zon mixes-Bay B Kane-Kickman
    Amen Heaven EP-Mark X-Kemet
    Future rmx-Noise Factory-3rd Party
    Exodus EP-Mark X-Kemet
    Revelation EP-Mark X-Kemet
    Atmosphere rmx-DJ Phantasy-Rogue Trooper
    Eternity VIP/Doping-Madbones-Quayside 18
    Artificial Reality-Remarc-State of the Art 001
    Nuh Here/Cry/Gangsta Kid-Shy Fx-Sour promo
    Valley of the Shadows and 96 rmx-Origin Unknown-RAm
    The Step Up/Enter the Drums-Austin M-Rogue Trooper
    Destroy/Come Now-Austin M-Rogue Trooper
    Ricky and rmxs-Remarc-Dollar007
    Chopsticks 002
    Jungle Love part 2/Feelings-Mark X-3rd Party
    Something out there/The Drift-Austin M-Rogue Trooper
    Sing Time-Dread-Dread 003
    Set Speed/Poision-DJ Krust-V Records
    Champion DJ-Top Cat-Lion 1x
    African Lover-DJ Ron-Rough Tone 008
    Down in the Jungle-DB Hazard-Roar
    Cool Operator-Da Dogz-Prime Time Wax
    Your Gonna Make Me-More Rockers-More Rockers
    ???-???-Intalective Records promo 24
    Basslights-Aphroditie-Aphroditie promo
    Walk With Your Friends-Simpleton-Crunk
    Everyman-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl
    Deeper Life-???-Back 2 Basics green vinyl promo
    Every Dog has its Day/Smile-Jay Cee-Ibiza
    ???-???IR 52 promo
    Time Stretch/Phyzical rmxs-VA-V Recordings
    License-Krome and Time-Tearin Vinyl
    ???-DJ Phantasy-Wax Works
    Storm/Calm-Jay Cee-Ibiza
    Final Chapta-Trace-DeeJay
    The Boss EP-Mind Therapy-E3
    River Nile-Prizna-KUS 10
    You’r Gonna Make Me-More Rockers-More Rockers
    Slam-General Malice-Big Cat
    Jungle Feeling-Harddrive-Jahmal Records
    Jungle Rmx-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper
    Champion-Buju Banton-Jet Star white label
    Self Belief-LJ High-Second Movement
    Spiritual Aura-DJ Rap-Deejay Recordings
    Jungle to Jungle EP-Mind Therapy-E Records
    Gangster Jungle-Cowboy Ranger-Greensleeves
    Example EP-Direct 2 Metal-Street Tuff white label
    Feel the Magic-Noise Factory-3rd Party #6
    Jungle Cowboy and Western Style-Josey Wales-Greensleeves
    Hotter Junglematical Style-Red Rose-Greensleeves
    Gal Wine Junglist Grind-Chakademus and Pliers-Greensleeves promo (with sleeve)
    Basslights-Aphroditie-Aphroditie promo
    Action-Terror Fabulous-Sam Records
    Sweetie/Ligher-Dream Team-Joker promo 03
    Screwface rmxs-Brain Killers-3rd party
    Body Cant Done-AK 47-Deep and Dark
    Prophet of God-Adam F-Deep Jungle 002
    Deep in the Jungle/Lovely Feeling-Amazon-Aphroditie 8
    Champions-DJ K-N20
    Jungle Breeze-Jeep Head-Section 12
    Down in the Ghetto-Bounty Killer-Greensleeves
    Code Red rmxs-Conquering Lion-Mango
    Mash Up Ya Know-Aladdin-Aphroditie
    Music is my Life/Fever-Original Vibes-Spinning Vinal
    Junglist Bandelero-Jah Murdah-Chopsticks 002 10 inch
    Twilight Zone rmxs-Bab B Kane-Kickman
    Noise Gate-Noise Gate-Future Vinyl
    Jungle Rush 94/Blue Ocean-Richie Covers-Blue Ocean Records 001

    email me: preacherschurch@hotmail.com