DnB RAGGA JUNGLE - Bare Grillz - Seeking Rastafari (Bootleg)

More of an introduction and what you would like feedback on would be preferable buddy.

Sorry haha! Essentially what I want to know is how to make this tune go from a standard remix by an amateur to a current jungle banger! Deep in the Jungle are the big inspiration for me, in terms of reggae/old skool influenced recently produced stuff.

deep in the jungle style ......

how do they (deep in the jungle/dj hybrid etc.) get their breaks sounding so crisp; obviously most dnb nowadays sounds 'perfect' because its gone through such heavy mixes (mastering too, but realistically you should have a good mix before master). But they often use (it seems) original break samples from classics drum breaks, (obvious one being the amen) but they sound perfect, as if they have been rewritten. essentially what i want to know is how do they get them to sound so good; i've tried E.Q and standard plugins and whatever but wondering if i'm missing something?

In terms of my tune, what I'd like to know is what could I do to make it go from standard amateur tune, (jungle remix of a reggae tune) to a proper jungle belter! All & any opinions are very welcome :) just wanna have as much knowledge and opinions as possible.
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