Raff & Ill Logic “Syracuse EP” –Bingo


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This is one heavy EP. Raff & Ill Logic can flex sophisticated vibes whilst rinsing out underground stylee, “Syracuse” has a futuristic jazz/electronica edge. A haunting vocal drifts over the wide reese rub that graces the lower frequencies. Proper. “In vain” is a deeper affair. Melancholy strings and bluesey horns set the mood. A big soul style vocal adds to the deep beats. “Let Me Have You” sounds distant, the “Searchin” vocal sounds like it is miles away, when the main drop comes it all catches up, comes on top. It’s a futuristically funky number, which relies as much on the space between the notes as the notes themselves to do the talking. “Temptation” rounds this off in style. The cathing guitar riff and subtle synth bring the summer flavour. Its rollers business. A superb Ep.