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Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight [NVR024: OUT NOW!]


DnB/Dubstep Record Label!

Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight [OUT NOW!] ◄
● NVR024: Vocal & Deep DnB! | Listen: bit.ly/024SC

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[Bandcamp] bit.ly/024BC (*£1.65* + FREE TRACK & MIX!)
bit.ly/024BP (*£2.60*)
bit.ly/024iT (*£1.98*)
bit.ly/024Juno (*£1.91*)
bit.ly/TiDNVR (*£2.24*)

NVR024: Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight, is OUT NOW & available to purchase from all good download stores. Including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, TrackItDown, Amazon, Google Play & more. Also available on streaming services; Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Beatport and more. Go to the NVR Bandcamp page to get this release + FREE BONUS track and Release Mix for ONLY £1.65! Our full back catalogue is also available up to 60% cheaper than Beatport, iTunes & all other stores! (www.nuventurerecords.bandcamp.com)

► Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight: Release Mix [NVR024: OUT NOW!]:

► Rafau Etamski - Push For Love [NVR024: OUT NOW!]:

► SND - Foresight [NVR024: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR024 Track listing:
A) Rafau Etamski - Push For Love
B) SND - Foresight

A) Rafau Etamski - Push For Love:
To open the release Nu Venture Records welcome back Polish Drum & Bass producer Rafau Etamski. Push For Love is a vocal Liquid Drum & Bass track featuring; emotive strings and harmonic piano chords, expertly composed alongside addictive sentimental male vocals all combined with a deep mellow bass line and flowing drums to finish off this melodic masterpiece.

B) SND - Foresight:

The second track sees the return of SND, another Artist well known to Nu Venture Records, having just released his Minimal EP Forbidden. Presenting his latest production Foresight he continues in his trademark prominent bass style. Foresight is a emotional Liquid Drum & Bass track consisting of soft piano notes, atmospheric strings and uplifting synth work. United together with soft and soothing female vocals and a deep and warm bass line to complete this monumental release.

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