[Radio Show] Drum Scene Investigation 6 with Mystification (03.04.12) @ Fear.FM


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Mar 12, 2012

When - 3 kwietnia 2012
22:00 – 23:00
Where - Fear.FM Hardest

This time... It's time for...Mystification...

As we just said after the last show:
"This show could be only better and better..."
That's the only describe.

Norbert Szakacs (Mystification aka Mystake)
Norbert was born in 15th of August of 1984 in Veszprem, Hungary.
His father was a member of a band as a bass guitar
player: heritage of Norbert's love of music and the bass.
From the age of 6 he was listening to all sort of rock and heavy metal.
Around the age of 13 he began to become acquainted with electronic
stuffs, huge influence of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.
Going down on dangerous hill trip-hop, breakbeat and drum'n'bass got in his sight.
Around the age of 14 or 15 he began to producing music, especially hip-hop.
After visiting some drum'n'bass parties he seemed to find his beloved genre,
he settled down and engulged in drum'n'bass.
In the year of 2005 Norbert got in the sight of Robert Gulyas (aka Migu).
One year later Migu started the hungarian netlabel called Black Hoe Recordings,
and the first release was Mystification's "Our World" and "Unexplainable Feeling".
The success of the first songs and the label made it possible for Norbert to get
some vinyl releases on bigger record labels. The rest is history...
With a lot of hard work behind his back, Norbert played in
many countries across Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland,
Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia.
His tunes have seen some huge support and Mystification's played beside the likes
of Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Counterstrike, Mastif, Eye-D, and Cooh just to name a few.
He had releases on labels like: Black Hoe Alimony (HUN), Aural Carnage (GER),
Intransigent Digital (GER), Hell's Bassment (AUS), Hardline (AUS),
Manticore (FRA), Wayside (USA), Ammunition (USA), Foulplay (USA).
At the moment his making hardcore and technoid influenced d&b, and in 2009 he started
a new side project with his friend Noisette, which is called Halves.
The main styles of Halves are halfstep, drum&bass and dubstep.
In the end of 2010 Norbert started to work on a totally different project, under the name Mystake.
The conception behind this album was, that he wanted to show more of his musical variegation.
The Mystake alter ego features more genres like trip-hop, ambient, chillout and soundtrack with
deep, melancholic and dark melodies.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mystimusic

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