Radio Show Debut Tonight!!!

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    Yep, that's right! Saturday Jan 19th is the Debut Episode of Darkend Departures with me! Darkside.

    I will be playing a whole bunch of new and unsigned stuff from the likes of Deadly Habit, NSF, C-netik, Dyrekt, Pr0gress, Clone, DoubleJ and even a tune from myself maybe thrown in the mix!

    You can catch all the mayhem on

    every Saturday from Midnight-2am GMT.

    DONT MISS IT!!!!! :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

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    we have a chatroom so you can talk shit about my selection or my shit skills as a DJ if you so wish to. :teeth:

    as always if you have some unsigned tunes that you would like to be played hit me up on aim-djdarksidednb

    I am always on auto and I like to hear shit from people that i've never heard before

    make sure you leave me the title and your name so I can make a T/L for my sets.

    we'll be seeing ya Sat!