Drum & Bass R.I.S.A - December Movement [2012]


Facing Jinx feat. Just Some Guy - Lonely
Pluton & Skyer - Cosmic rain
Technimatic - The Golden section
Flowrian - Cinnamon garden
Galimatias - Noelles Eloquence (S.I.N remix)
A-Sides Feat. Mc Mc - Keep Steppin' (Unreal 2012 Remix)
Bcee & Bladerunner feat. Shaz Sparks - Black hole
Dramatic & Dbaudio - Far away (Total Science Remix)
Hybris - Those people
Cursa & Subliminal & Alxr - Camino
Hybris - Agent
June Miller & Proxima - Killswitch engage
Edi:t - Element
FD - Break & Enter
Etherwood - Give it up
Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
London Elektricity - Bare religion
Alix Perez - Crooklyn
Zero T & Alix Perez - Threads
Trisector - Morning rain​


Hmph..... silly...
VIP Junglist
first off just to say what an absolute pleasure it is listening to bare religion again, used to rinse that album gonna have to dig it out again! really on point this mate, opening tune is quality and it's clear you've got your head in the game in terms of new releases and what sounds good with each other on a rolling tip. preferred the first half and the last quartet of tracks to the mid section but that's just preference, would have been nice to hear the techy bits in and amongst the liquid stuff rather than having a clear cutoff point but still, im nit picking :) quality stuff, i've been following these sets for a while now so keep doing what you do!