Qwerty keyboard as MIDI?


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Hey all,

First of all thanks for all the usefull post(only read the stickied ones for now),they will really help me with me starting up(maybe I don't understand everything but it will come with the time).

So I'm a student from Amsterdam and decided to become the most famous drum and bass artist, the problem is: I need a little help :).
As most of the people know, students aren't the most richest people on the world, so I have to be keen on what to spend my money on.
The problem is I'm not sure making drum and bass is really my thing so I don't want to spend much at the start of my possible carreer.
I just got reason 5 and trying to make my first beats.
Now I watched some tuts on youtube and in almost all of them they use a MIDI keyboard.
Since I don't want to spend around 100 euro's on a MIDI and then discover a few weeks later making drum and bass isn't really my thing is was wondering the following:
Is is possible to attach an extra standard qwerty keyboard to my computer and use it as MIDI keyboard?
And if it is, how would I do this?
I couldn't find anything on google so maybe u guys/girls can help.
Thanks in advance!


P.S.: I'm dutch so my English is probably not that perfect. Feel free to correct me if you like so, learning english is always good.


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Just use the qwerty keyboard you used to type that. I don't see an issue with that. I know tons of artists just draw in the drum pattern. Once you know the fundamentals of a DNB pattern, you can just use audio samples and drop them where you know they go or if your using a midi instrument for drum patterns, just draw them in (thats what I do).

The only time I'm using my qwerty keyboard is when I'm finding the key of something or working on a melodic lead. even still, it gets drawn in for more precision.

Thats my 2 cents, and how I work. you may really need a external keyboard to feel complete. In that case I do not know if you can hook up two keyboards but I don't see an issue with that.


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What dysrupt said.
It depends if your DAW has QWERTY MIDI capability in built, if not you can download apps for that im pretty sure. There's no need to attach another qwerty keyboard, thats useless and wont help you achieve what you want. You do if off your own keyboard by pressing tab, caps lock, or whatever the program uses, to turn the keyboard on and off.