Quite famous track from the 2000's, played in many compilations


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Feb 14, 2011
Milan, Italy
Hi, I'm looking for this track that I used to hear a lot in the early 2000's on various compilations. DJ Fresh played it the other weekend, so I kinda felt nostalgic about it. This should be an easy one!

It features a female vocal, which is screaming "deeeeejaaaaaay" and then carries on singing, repeating a couple of phrases 2 times and finishing of with something that sounds like "looooooooveeeeee". It also has these specific distorted voice samples that go "baw, baw, baw-baw-baw-baw-baw" (slow in the beginning, faster towards the end), as if a robot is swallowing
Overall, the track is pretty aggressive and, as I now recall, sounds techstepish.

Don't think I could ever come up with a better description :rinsed:
Hoping for the best!



Feb 25, 2011
Deffo Screamer. Maybe you heard the VIP? Just going by your 'robotic swallowing' description here.
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