Quite a strange situation... need some advice on best option

Discussion in 'Production' started by EvezDroppin, Dec 21, 2015.

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    Hi Guys,

    Don't want to go into too much detail here but have an idea of how I'm going to tackle it.

    I had a 4 track EP signed with the digital release already being released.

    2 of the tracks were going to come to vinyl when the previous releases had been funded and published.
    For financial reasons the label isn't releasing any more music and is shutting down.

    The tunes in question have been released for a few months now. The two tunes that were to come out on vinyl have quite a strong meaning and it was going to be something for me to hang up for reasons more than it's my first solo vinyl.

    Do I put them out as free and just get my own personal dubplate cut? what's the prices like these days for full artwork etc? I can't really release them again I guess, just a bit disappointed.

    The other option I was thinking was ask for a donation of what people think it's worth to help me towards maybe getting a few done (would feel wrong not having one for the vocalist and other artist involved).

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    Fanu would probably be able to get some answers for you on this one. He's on this forum (as I'm sure you already know). Hit'em up with a PM maybe.