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Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by BDS, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. BDS

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    synkro - everybody knows
    synkro -music makers
    babylon system - get on up
    babylon system - loaded
    komonazmuk = fear
    tempa t - next hype - dva mix
    joker - gully brook lane
    lwiz - girl from codeine city
    rusko - sound guy is my target
    caspa - floor dem
    uncle sam - round the world girls - tes la rok mix
    uncle sam - under the dancing feet - tes la rok mix
    benga - pleasure
    mike lennon - brass eye
    the widdler - sensi samurai
    joker - snake eater
    matty g - west coast rocks - caspa mix

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    get a tracklist up please man
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    so did anyone out of the 51 people that checked it actually listen loooooool