Ol Skee

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Apr 2, 2002
If i wanted to post up some interviews that i did(for a site that i work for), is that considered SPAM or wha? Can i post it on this side of the forums?
Nah its all good mate, post em up!!! I wouldnt consider interviews to be spam (unless you sneakily interview yourself and ask yourself questions about your night which your playing at!). Who are the interviews with mate?
haha nah, they are legit Drum and Bass interviews. Im from the States, and i work for Planetdnb... So my resposibilty is to show the community whats going on on my side of the globe, seen? So basically they are up and coming DJs/producers such as DJ Synertia, General Malice, and Evol Intent. Thanks for the positive response cru. I shall post up shortly
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