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May 3, 2009
Rotterdam, NL
I would invest in a set of monitor speakers, a good soundcard/interface and a DAW, that's all you need. Then later on you could get yourself a MIDI controller of some kind and maybe some other stuff like plugins, microphones, etc. Also I found Ableton Live 8 to be really easy to learn!

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Jun 1, 2011
A lot of people on here would recommend Fruityloops, Reaper, or reason to start on, if you dont like ableton...

i found over the years nobody can quite agree on what software is the easiest to start on, and some people are just inexplicably more comfortable with some programs than they are with others. i was always a reason man, i detest using fruityloops but everyone around me grew up using fruity insted, so we hardly ever collabed .the answer is - there is no right answer! remember that. hehe. peace and dub.
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