question bout nye in liverpool

im going to liverpool for nye. never been before. i have read on the net that the majority of places you just pay on the door to get in or can just walk in. i have only seen 1 event that you have to pre book tickets for. now because i havent been up there before i was just wondering if any one could shed a bit of light into what are the best clubs and whether you do or do not have to pre book tickets. and how much is it normally to get in to clubs there. any help will be much appreciated and thanked.
dunno just dont really fancy a rave for new year. plus if i go to a rave im gonna be spangled and wont remember it, and i wanna rmember nye. and i heard liverpool meant to be nuts. its only me clack and shaun who r going everyone else is going nec, we just fancied something different.


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bouncers are safe as fuck, most places open til 6am, some places open til 10am - look out for after party flyers outside clubs!

u got...

pleasure rooms...... scouse house, full of pikeys, drugs n birds bout £15-£20 on nye
Nation.... over from the pleasure rooms and both open til 5/6am and that hosts Chibuku on nye, bout £30 to get in.
Garlands.... gay club, top night out, full of birds
Docks.... celeb haunt, expensive
fudge.... like pleasure rooms
zanzibar..... rock mostly
krazyhouse.... full of students, moshers, goths, emos etc.... 3 floors of music
barfly.... rock music etc
concert square..... where all the main bars are

everything is around each other so u wont miss anything....

average prices on nye will be between £15-£40 depends where u go. yea its ok night out, fit birds!! cheap drugs!