Question about neuro bass resampling

How do you proceed when resampling and modulating neuro basses? Do you create just one long single tone or do you play a melody / some glide notes before resampling / modulating?


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I always start with a 8-16 bar single note thats been filter automated for tons of movement. I'll save that and automate it further to get some nice dips and whips in the sound. I'll save that one and keep working on it until its junk. that way I have about 4 versions of it saved as a single note. that way, when i am in a project i can always grab different instances of the same sound for some nice variation.

I find that when I automate pitches in the beginning, Im stuck with that and if I use it in a track, i might as well junk it after because I already used it once. I like to be able to chuck my one notes onto a sampler an play out the pitch glides for the mix its used in.

I usually get about 20, 8-16 bar samples made in a single bass session. you save enough of these and you'll have tons to grab from when working on arrangement.